Who doesn’t want a few free bucks? Be it in real life or a game?

Well for the non-gaming buffs out here, Fortnite is a series of games created by epic games. This game has different modes in it but basically, its a player vs player or a player vs environment battle game. It comes in different modes

Fortnite: Save the world is a player vs environment game where the story develops about the world being destroyed due to a storm and you and your team are 4 out of the few survivors. These four players have to complete the goal. But there is a twist now the other survivors are also being attacked by zombies. So the players act as commanders and save survivors create and handle shelters collect resources and along this try to collect data about the storm to push it back or stop it. As you complete missions you get awarded other characters which help you and weapons etc.

Fortnite Battle Royale is slightly different as it loosely follows the hunger games storyline. There are 100 players in this game where you can play single or in teams of two, three or four. The players are air-dropped into the arena where they have to scavenge for weapons, artilleries, health kits etc and the arena keeps reducing as the game progresses thus getting the players closer towards each other. You have to keep yourself and your team alive and kill other players. The last ones alive win the game.

Now this game is free to play, but the items in the game have to sometimes be bought by V bucks, which acts as the in-game currency. This currency can be earned in the game as well as bought through real-life currency. And as you get more and more engrossed in the games you will need more and more V bucks to survive and achieve your goal in the game. Through this article, we will give you ways to earn the free V bucks in this.     

How to get free v bucks in Fortnite 2018

Initially, there were various apps that came up, which guaranteed you free V bucks in fortnite but Epic discarded them and put out an announcement where all these hacks were called out to be scams and players were warned to stay away from these. So external help in these cases is less. But the app itself has missions which once you complete increasing your V bucks.

Now your ways to get this money without directly shelling out money is to buy the Save the world game.

Once the game is bought you have to sign in daily to receive small amounts of V bucks daily.

Another method to get V bucks to save the world is completing daily missions that are divided into the following categories Daily Destroy, Daily Scouting, Hsuk Experimentation, Mission specialist.

There is one other way to earn these bucks that buy facing and overcoming a set of challenges such as completing some levels in the Stonewood Strom Shield Defense section or saving 25 survivors etc.

We know these hacks aren’t as fast earning and easy as just outright buying the money but for the not so serious players who don’t want to shell out money for such games, consistency in earning and spending with these hacks is your best way out.