What can be classified as a nightmare for millennials? We think 90 percent of the time its the no internet scare. And most service providers take advantage of this handicapped nature of us relying on the internet and charge us an extremely high price for this service. But now we have a hack for this. Its free WiFi, and we don’t mean just the ones that you steal from your neighbors.

But while we talk about free WiFi you have to keep in mind the security goof us that can happen when you use an open free WiFi. Also, another big point to keep in mind is that if its free its not going to be that fast and is going to have quite a few glitches. But nevertheless, let’s look into a few free Wifi options that will help us with the millennials worst nightmare.

How to Find Free Unlimited WiFi Internet Access Almost Anywhere

Free WiFis at hotels and other stores

Who doesn’t know Starbucks, the place where you will get free WiFi with a piping mug of whatever beverage you want. And you’re free to picture that cold weather outside and make the perfect scene in your head.

But Starbucks isn’t the only place with free WiFi. Quite a few of the other famous lines provide you with free WiFi, such as Apple Stores, Barnes and Noble, McDonald’s, Panera Bread, DunkinDonuts, Buffalo Wild Wings, Whole Foods, Staples, Best Buy, Target, Subway, Taco Bell and Michaels among other places. A few hotel lines even provide you with free WiFI if you join their loyalty programs such as Omni hotels and Kimpton hotel.

Hotspot Finders

Now we did give you a list of famous lines where you will definitely find free WiFi, But there are tons of other places that just wont cross your minds such as laundromats, or museums etc. If you are eager to know such places you have applications and databases for the same. The first one is a global database, WiFi Free Spot has a compiled list of the free hotspot places in the whole of US, Australia, Canada, Africa, Middle East, South and Central America, Asia, and even Europe. To make life easy for you these are well differentiated and stacked according to country state and city and they include places like hotels libraries and even mode of transports.


The next hotspot finder option makes your life even easier. It’s the WiFi Map. This is basically google maps that tell you how far or close the free WiFis are from your current location. This app, available on iOS and Android provides you with user-provided passwords too that will let you access password protected WiFi. This is your best list of WiFis on the go.

Another application is also available on both iOS and Android is the application that gives you the strongest WiFi network in the vicinity and connects you to it.

ISP and Cell phone Providers

Many phone providers such as Xfinity, Verizon Optimum etc provide free WiFi hotspots specifically in well-populated cities in densely populated areas. You will have to use your ZipCode to find these hotspots with these companies Some US cell phone providers also offer hotspots.

AT&Tcustomers can take advantage of a similar free service, which T-Mobile customers will have to pay an additional $9.99 per month for access to hotspots.

Another option in the ISP, though we strictly advise you to use it as your last resort due to its terribly slow speed are the All free ISP. This is another searchable database which has free Wifi service providers in your vicinity. But be warned the speed of this is going to be slower than a tortoise walking. Any injuries to person or property due to being annoyed by the speed won’t be either our or the service providers responsibility. So you better have it all handles and ready for the speed.

There you go. You have the most helpful hacks ever. But while using we would like to emphasize your security of information. Be extra careful and wise while using open free networks.