How to Enable Chrome For Android’s Dark Mode

Chrome for Android is finally getting the much anticipated Dark mode and this feature is available on the app’s Android version which has been rolled out to all Android devices. Google chrome is one of the most popular browsers all across the operating system whether it is mobile devices or computer PCs. This has some of the highest levels of security for protecting against any rogue or malware invasion. This also has one of the great features along with the ability to load the pages quickly and making it one of the highly used web browser who is serving out billions of devices.

The chrome desktop browser recently got the new dark mode on both Mac and Windows, but it is also available for Android devices. The android chrome browser dark theme is not quite straightforward as other platforms; however, it is currently tucked behind the flag.

The dark themes are all rages with the big name app like Facebook messenger and even OEM’s like Samsung getting in on the trend. Not to be outdone, Google is rolling out the chrome night mode android devices. The new Google dark mode android is now available in the latest stable version of chrome, therefore you do not need to mess around with experimental apps like chrome dev or canary all you need is to enable the flag and toggle a setting.

This dark mode browser android has a feature which is essential turns out to be the white background into the black making it easy for the uses to browse the web at the time of night and even improve the battery life. Turning the background black or dark grey not only provide a better contrast but also helps to reduce the eyestrain. Chrome 74 is getting dark mode a step ahead towards Google’s rumored system-wide dark mode for android Q.

Steps to Enable Dark Mode on Google Chrome

How to Enable Chrome For Android’s Dark Mode

Below are given several ways how to enable chrome for android’s dark mode officially by means of chrome flags dark mode in experimental flag setting as:

Using Chrome Flags

  • At very first, update the chrome to the latest version from the play store.
  • Now open the browser and type the URL- chrome://flags
  • Now, search for the term “dark”
  • Here, you will see two major options i.e. android web content dark mode and android UI dark mode.
  • Now, the web content dark mode will make the content on the sites dark while the UI dark mode will make the chrome UI dark just by leaving the content of the website unaffected.
  • Now, you can make your choice accordingly and relaunch the app.
  • You can now, find the dark mode browser android option under the setting section of chrome if you wish to switch to that.

Enable Reader Mode on Chrome

Reader code helps to make the content very simple by removing all the ads and unnecessary JavaScript. For this, follow the steps as:

  • Tap on the 3 dots on the right top of the chrome app
  • Here, now open the setting and look for the options accessibility.
  • Under accessibility turn ON the simplified view.
  • Once the simplified view has been enabled, the open any web page and you will see the option at the bottom “show simplified view”, you have to then click on it.
  • Now, in a simplified view, again open the setting of chrome and there you will see the option appearance.
  • Here, all you can do is just increase the intensity of dark mode in the given options.

For Rooted Devices

You can even install the best dark mode for chrome theme on your android devices by suing substratum. Google will search for the information but the method will add the theme to the entire UI.

Chrome-Based Third-Party Browser

  • All thanks for being associated with the open source project, Google has just released the source code of chrome for the developers to play around and get a dark mode for chrome. 
  • There are many independent developers who are using this code and develop the browser and one such browser is Kiwi browser. Apart from the speed, this browser also has the interface much like the chrome browser with inbuilt ad blocking and night mode. 
  • The major benefit of kiwi chrome browser is that it helps to build Google chromium code, has core feature and interface as chrome browser, inbuilt ad blocking and night mode, and data saver and many more things. 
  • With this browser, you can enable the chrome dark mode theme and enjoy the web with night theme. In many instances, you will find this browser better than the chrome browser. 
  • With the help of kiwi browser, you can enable the night/ dark chrome themes/ dark mode and can enjoy the chrome browsing experience without any interruption.


With the above-explained methods/steps, you can simply enable dark mode on chrome. This feature currently seems to be working only for Google pixel devices and this update is being rolled out in phases and is expected to be available on other android devices as well.