With the tended deadline to fill the income tax return, there are most of the people that have filed for their ITR. An ITR is a process that is being filled and has to be verified by the assessee. Filling up your income tax return it has two parts, upload the return and verification. Once the user has uploaded its income tax return, the same has to be verified very soon. This process can be done either physically or electronically by using any of the methods. 

Whenever you have to file your income tax return then you have to verify it before you take any other steps. The verification of the income tax return and uploading the return of income tax return does not complete the return filing process and this process is quite mandatory for you to verify your return to complete the process of return filling.

 If you have filed your ITR but have not verified it, then it is quite important for you to verify and then the return will not be considered as the valid, as per the reports of income tax laws. Abhishek Soni, who is the CEO Tax2win, a tax filling company says that once the user has uploaded their ITR on the e-filling website, and then you get 120 days to verify your return. 

As per the existing tax laws, the return filed by the taxpayer is not until it has been verified as filed by the concerned assessee. In the case of e-filling taxpayers have the option to e-verify their respective return at the time when they are uploading or after the process of uploading. In case of an already uploaded return, then the taxpayer can e-verify the same by clicking on the option “e-verify return” option. 

Steps to e-verify your tax return

Now, let us discuss the steps to e-verify your income tax return that will help you to clear all your doubts and will clearly define the steps how to do that if you are unaware of it as follows:

Physical verification

You need to print the physical copy of the ITR-V (income tax verification form) that will help to generate when your return is uploaded on the income tax department website. In this, you have to sign and send the ITR-V to the income tax centralized processing center which is located in Bengaluru. Then, this signed document will have to reach CPC within 120 days of filing the return, for the return to be valid. In this, the user need not have to send my supporting documents to the CPC.

E-verify your return through net banking

In this step, the user can verify your return by logging into the net banking process. Here, you will be directed to your e-filling account with the help of the website of the income tax department. Once the user has logged into their account, then they can verify their return.

E-verify your return through bank ATM

Here, the user has to follow two steps; firstly, the user has to swipe your debit card to the bank ATM which will give them the option to generate their PIN for e-filling. Once the users have clicked on that, they will get the EVC (electronic verification code) on their mobile number. On the second step, log in to the income tax department e-filling website and selecting the option to e-verify by suing the bank ATM. Then, you will be asked to enter the EVC and then enter the EVC on the e-filling website.

E-verify using the bank account number

Go the income tax e-filling website and then validate your bank account number. Once the user has to do all this, then they must click on the “verify with the bank account number” option. After all this, then OTP will be sent to the mobile number which has been registered with their bank and then entered the OTP on the e-filling website.

E-verify using your Demat account number

For this, the user must follow some of the major steps as firstly, go to the income tax e-filling website, then validate your Demat account number and once you have done this. Then, click on the verify with Demat account number option. Now, the OTP will be sent to the mobile number which has been designated with your Demat account. Now, enter the OTP on the e-filling website.

E-verify using Aadhar card

In order to perform this step which is the last one, the user must have their Aadhar card which should be linked to your PAN number. Once you have done all this, then go to the income tax e-filling website and click on e-verify using radar OTP. Now the OTP will be sent to the mobile number linked to your Aadhar card and then enter the OTP on e-filling website.


Hop all the above-listed steps will help the user to get a clear picture of how to e-verify your income tax return as it is most important for the users in today’s critical scenario.