YouTube has designed to only allow the users to watch and view the videos whichever they like on their website. There are many users who want to download or save their favorite YouTube videos to their computers so that they can watch them out whenever they want to and there is no need to be connected to the internet or on other devices.

There are billions of hours on YouTube, literally..!! And that is a completely astounding statistic about the website, which has been the go-to-destination to upload and watch the video since 2005.

It is generally legal to share and embed YouTube videos on the internet, but to download them for your own offline use is not permitted. To download the videos from YouTube is a violation of YouTube terms of service unless you have not been given the explicit permission to download the videos from YouTube.

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Downloading the videos from YouTube means that you can watch them later on whenever you want to without any internet connection requirement. It is an ideal option to keep you entertained on planes, trains, and trips because we especially face internet issue while traveling in these transports. You have a limited mobile data plan; to download the videos is a great option.

You can download them to your mobile phones by using your home Wi-Fi and watch them on the move without risking going your internet or data allocation. It is quite surprising that, it is easy to download the videos from YouTube and other video hosting sites and all this you can do it free. YouTube itself offers some tools to download the videos both on a desktop and mobile phones and there are third-party tools which can help to do the job as well.

There are many options to download the videos from YouTube on the various platforms, like on your windows desktop, your mobile phone, your tablet, etc. Below are the steps that will clearly explain how to download videos from YouTube:

Step-1: Download the 4K video downloader

You just have to head over the 4K video downloader official site and then click on Get 4K video downloader button to download it. Once the installer has downloaded, then you can execute it to get the app installed on your desktop.

Step-1: Download the 4K video downloader

If you do not have the 4K display, then do not be put off by the name. This is one the most prominent and versatile and simple to use download tool available which will work with all your files regardless of your desktop display resolution. The free version of this software has the ability for downloading the individual videos at customizable qualities all the way up to 4K and also has support for 3D and 360-degree videos; you can also download the subtitles and is even able to do so with the help of embedded links.

Step-1: Download the 4K video downloader

There is also available a paid version with the price tag of $20, but to download the simple YouTube, the free version suffices for the user.

Step-2: Copy the YouTube Video’s URL

The next and the easiest step is just to head over the YouTube video that you want to download and copy the URL of that particular video from the address bar at the top of your browser window. With the URL locked and loaded in your clipboard, the video tab or window can also be closed by you.

Step-3: Paste in the URL

Open the 4K video downloader application that you want to download. There is no requirement to manually paste in the URL. Therefore, you can just “Paste Link” button on the top left corner of the menu bar and the software will grab the URL directly from your desktop.

Step- 4: Download your video

Step- 4: Download your video

Once it has completed checking the video, you will be given the various numbers of options for video quality, formats, and conversion in which you want to download your video. It’s all up to you to select the format and the quality in which you want to download the video. You can also adjust the download location of the video, and the application will create a folder which will contain all of your downloaded videos.

You must note that the video which the software grabs will be based on your IP address, not the URL which you have input, so VPN users may require changing their location for downloading the right version of the video.

Now, just click on the download button after choosing your desired options. You will be then shown a progress page which details the download size, download speed, and estimated time remaining. You can also pause and cancel it anytime you want.

Other Alternatives

The best alternative to 4K video downloader is one of the many web-based options which can find online. While it is easier to not to have to download the software, these sites often use unconventional moneymaking practices like crytopoining on popup ads. There are also a number of desktop alternatives to 4K video downloader such VLC media player. In addition to that, you cannot convert the video to another format or choose which resolution you want to prefer.


Above steps will surely help you to download the videos from YouTube easily, by which you can watch your favorite movies anytime without worrying about your internet connection.