Rumored to be the last version of windows, windows 10 has come in 2 different models. Windows 10 home, which is the usual one and windows 10 pro, which as the name suggest is for those people who want more.  While the pro version might come with a lot more added functions such as Domain Join, Group Management Policy, Remote Desktop, BitLocker and device Guard. Some people do find tend to prefer the windows Home version.  Some pro users being dissatisfied by their experience might even want to downgrade from windows 10 pro to home. We guess even in windows nothing gets better than home.

Now even though some people are trying to revert back we guess windows didn’t expect it and hence hasn’t made special provisions for it. So, unfortunately, the only option we are left with is a clean install. But other than that you can also be interested in testing your luck with a few other ideas. Here is how to downgrade windows 10 pro to home

1Step 1

One of the ways is to open the run window by either searching for it in the bar or by pressing windows button along with ‘R’. once it opens type regedit in it and taps enter.

2Step 2

Next, you can look for HKEY Local Machine. Here choose Software in which you will see the options Microsoft click on it and then click on Windows NT and type CurrentVersion.

3Step 3

Now change the Edition ID to Home to do so double click on EditionID then select change value and then select OK. Now for those of you with the pro version, it will show pro at the moment.

4Step 4

Also, change the ProductName to Windows 10 Home which at the moment will be Windows 10 Professional

5Step 5

Another option is to browse to key HKEY Local Machine then select Software and then choose the option Wow6432Node. Then go on to Microsoft then WindowsNT then current version.

6Step 6

Now change the values given in step 3 and 4.

7Step 7

Close the Registry Editor  

8Step 8

Insert the Windows 10 Home installation media, do an in-place upgrade by launching the setup from the desktop (not booting with Windows 10 Home install media)

9Step 9:

When asked, enter your valid windows 10 Home product key and select what to keep(settings, personal files, and apps, only personal files or nothing)

10Step 10

Windows 10 Home in-place upgrade will be done now.

11Step 11

When asked, enter your valid Windows 10 Home product key and select what to keep. The things to keep are settings, personal files, and apps only personal files or even nothing works

Now that we have covered the steps for how to downgrade windows 10 pro to home, the Windows 10 Home version should be updated.  Sometimes a step backward does propel us to a giant leap forward. We hope that your leap forward is as giant as you want it. Hey, Windows 10 now go ‘Home’.