How to do Google Gravity?

We all use Google every day to find some useful information over it and perform the searches for work, business, play, etc. Google has one light side of it, which is, however, a toolbox of fun little visual tricks that is called as Google gravity on phone which is embedded onto various Google pages using JavaScript. Google gravity offers little lighthearted entertainment for some minutes or even a few seconds. Google is known for creating themes for its search engines homepage for different holidays and other days of importance. The Google gravity underwater is the alternative homepage which is always available and lets you play with the icons on the page. While googling gravity still functions as an actual search engine that your search results have not sorted in a traditional manner. You can also download the Google gravity app from Google play store.

Let us directly dive into how to do Google gravity on phone by following the given below steps as:

  • First of all, you have to open the JavaScript desktop web browser. You can even use any common browser such as chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, etc to access the site; however, your web browser must have JavaScript enabled. There are most of the browsers which have JavaScript enabled in them by default. You may need to enable the JavaScript in your favorite browser before you proceed to the further steps.
  • The second step is to now open Google in your web browser.Google Gravity
  • Now, click the search bar which is in the middle of your page.
  • Now, type Google gravity on phone into the search bar.Google Gravity
  • Now, the next step is to click on the button “I’m feeling lucky”. This will come below the search bar. Doing this will open the Google gravity page. If you click on a Google search or press enters key, then the Google gravity site is at the top result.
  • Now, wait for the Google gravity page to load. On computers with a slow internet connection, it may take some while for the Google gravity interface to appear. Once you see the Google logo and search bar appear, you may proceed further.Google Gravity
  • Now, move your mouse cursor onto the white part of the page which will cause the Google logo and other buttons and page elements to drop down to the bottom of the page. Once the Google gravity elements have fallen down, then you can toss them, around the page by clicking and dragging on them.
  • Access the Google gravity page with the help of the link. If due to some reason the “I’m feeling lucky” button does not load, then the Google gravity page, you can to in your computer’s web browser can be accessed on the page. And, finally, you are done with this..!!

Now let us discuss some of the major Google trick gravity to make it more fun and entertainment within a few seconds of your day as:

Google zero gravity

Google zero gravity is one of the most basic and interesting tricks but is one of the most entertaining over the longer term. Even though this Google trick gravity does the same thing each time, it doesn’t seem to get old.

Google Guitar

Google guitar is the next best Google trick gravity which turns the search box into the guitar. You can use your mouse or gesture to pluck a string and off you go; you can also experiment or look underneath for the couple of well-known songs you can play.

Google Space

Google space is another best Google trick gravity which is not the page that you want to visit after having a couple of drinks. It stimulates zero gravity in an interesting and quite minds bending way. This trick does funny things to perception and will upset those of you who prefer things in ordered lines.


Hope, this article will help you to get entertain and more fun by performing some of the major Google gravity underwater tricks and make it more exciting and fun.