Are you quite worried about that Alexa or Amazon Echo may be holding your recordings longer than it should? Then not worry, we have the solution for all your needs in this article. Amazon’s making it quite easier for the users to delete their conversations its voice-powered digital speakers that might have been recorded and this can be done all through with the sound of your voice. Your Amazon speaker might be listening to you, but this also remembers what you said for the whole day.

As per the reports of CNET, the Alexa digital assistant keeps a track record of your voice transcription and even shares them, with having no expiration date in sight. The major convenience of the Amazon Alexa is that the user can ask it to perform the task by prefacing your request with the Alexa.

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To keep voice recordings that are being associated with your account to improve the accuracy of the results and hence is provided to you and improving the services.

When you use an Alexa device, they used Amazon use to keep all these recordings forever or until you choose to delete them. Whenever a person brings the echo smart speaker into their either home, office or anywhere else, they are offering up all sorts of personal data to Amazon. The company has recently revealed that it keeps up the transcript of all your Alexa voice recording unless the person manually deletes them. Amazon is to make it a little tricky for viewing, managing and deleting the voice recordings from its Alexa services.

Now, let us look at some of the major steps that will help users to find out and understand clearly how to delete the Amazon Echo Recordings as follows:

Recordings from the that day

One of the new additions to the Amazon’s privacy standards is that it lets you delete all the recordings that you smart speaker might have taken from those days. You cannot view them, but by saying “Alexa, delete everything I said today” will wipe everything from that same day, by making it the good habit to get into before each night’s sleep. 

Individual Recordings

If the user does not want to delete everything from the given day, then another way to deal with your data s with the help of the Alexa app. Here, the user must hit the three dashes at the top left of the home screen, then you must go to the settings>alexa account>history.

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You are presented with the list of interactions by which the user can view as transcripts. Therefore, tap on the command and you can either play the recording and see the date and time which the command was issued. 

Below that, there is also the button which is named as Delete voice recording, which does not exactly that. Hence, tap it and the recordings will be automatically removed from the list. This is not surprising to find the conversation which is not intended for Alexa when you are trawling through the entire list.

Your entire history

To delete the entire history of your Alexa interactions, the users must go to manage your content and devices on Amazon’s website, while you log in. You can find the smart speaker you own, and then click on the three dots that are given to open up the list of options: Delete voice recordings, delete location history, and deregister.

Now, you should click on the second option which will allow you to wipe the memory, but not before the Amazon will help you to implore and to reconsider, highlighting the need for recordings to learn more about your likes and the dislikes.

3 major ways to make sure that you have deleted everything from Amazon echo recording as follows:

Delete recordings via an app

To delete all your recording with the help of an app, you should go to the Amazon Echo app, now open setting> Alexa privacy> review voice history. Now, you will see the list of all requests that you have made since setting up your echo. You can even choose the recordings that you want to delete or can tap delete all recoding for today’s option.

Delete everything via a browser

If you are using the browser, then there is another way to delete all your recordings in one fell swoop. For this head to Amazon, sign in, and then click on your devices. Find your echo in the list, and then click on the delete echo voice recordings.

Ask Alexa to delete your voice transcript

The user can also use the voice to ask Alexa to delete everything which you have said either the day before or the entire conversation. This will be taking care of both the voice recordings and transcripts, besides all this, to delete Alexa’s response. 

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Hope this entire above-listed steps might have cleared all your doubt will give you a prospect about how to delete your Amazon Echo recordings.