There was a fictional story about the origin of the word hello. It went like when the first time the phone was used the creator called his girlfriend’s name out which was “Hello” thus leading to the start of the most common word used all over the world. Though it definitely seems like a work of fiction we wonder if the makers of ‘Siri’ wish they would have done that. At least in that scenario, we would be calling them by their names instead of ‘makers of Siri’.

Well speculation apart, Siri means “A beautiful woman who leads you to success”. Now don’t you think that name fits just right? You don’t need to tell how important Siri has become for any Apple user. It’s basically a household name in any Apple bearing family. Siri definitely has made our lives much easier but guess what makes it even easier, adding shortcuts.

Do you find yourself using a site more than others during the day? Something that helps you work or just gets you through the day. Now you can create a shortcut of it on Siri and find it in an easier manner. To do so, follow the steps below.

1Step 1:

As most of these device steps start this one also starts with “Settings”. Go to settings and then choose the option “Siri and Search”

2Step 2:

Here you will have the suggestions of the sites you have used. Tap the ‘plus +’ sign beside it to add the ones that you want.

3Step 3:

The next step is to record a personal phrase for it. To do so tap on the record button and say the phrase most suitable to it. You will have to repeat this step again. Once done with it say ‘Done’. And voila that’s your very own shortcut created on Siri.

4Step 4:

The next question that arises is how do we use this. This, my friends, is an easy one.  All you have to do now is invoke Siri and call out the word or phrase you recorded.

5Step 5:

Apple even lets you edit these shortcuts. To do so follow the same path from setting to Siri and Search to the suggestion you want to edit.

6Step 6:

Now tap on the edit button. And re-record the phrase. After that do not forget to press on ‘Done’ to save you’re editing.

7Step 7:

You can also delete the shortcut by following the same path to get to the edit button and then tapping on the delete button beside the app name.

Their folks, now your life became a tad bit easier. Let this beautiful woman lead you to many more successes.