PDFs are generally used for sending instructions or resumes. PDF is basically not created for editing purposes. But there are sometimes when we want to make some changes or want to extract images as well as texts. There are various ways through which we can convert a PDF file into a Word document in just a few clicks. Converting PDF file into Word does not require any technical skills. Apart from these, there is various PDF to Word converter which performs the best job automatically. We will list them out in this article. If you are still unaware of pdf convert to word, then you have landed in the right place. 

Converting With Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is the best PDF word converter. This software will always help you to format the conversion accurately. But it comes with a paid version. However, you will be getting a 7 days free trial of Adobe Acrobat Document Cloud (DC). Through this, you will be able to use for one-time conversion. The most important thing to note about this software is that it will prevent you from signing up repeatedly. So basically it for one-time use only. But if you want to avail the benefits of it regularly, you have to pay for it. Now let us look at the steps of conversion.

  • Firstly, open up the PDF that you are going to convert through this software. It will open up in Acrobat as per your preferences.
  • Click on the Export PDF option situated on the right side of the menu.
  • Go to the Microsoft Word option and click on it. There you will be getting a couple of format choices along with .docx file. Through the setting cog, you can add other options. Choose the format option that you would like to convert and click on the Export button.
  • The system will start running the text recognition for any kind of scanned text.
  • Your word file is ready, you can now name it and save it on your preferred location.

Converting With Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is another free open source software through which you can convert PDF to Word file. But make sure you have Microsoft Office installed in your system. But the main issue here is that the formatting of the text may not be correct always. Check out the steps given below fo conversion:

  • Start by opening Microsoft Word and click on to the file option. There you will find an open option, Click on it because you are going to open another file.
  • Search the pdf file in your system by typing the name. You can also navigate to the location. Once you have found the file, click on open.
  • You are done. Now the Word will automatically convert your pdf file into a fresh Word file.

Apart from the above-mentioned software, there is various other pdf to word converters available which will recreate the original document efficiently. So let us have a look at those pdf to word converters.

WPS PDF to Word Converter

WPS PDF to Word converter is extremely easy to use. The only thing that you need to do is just drag the pdf file on the main screen of the software and click on the export format such as .docx, .doc or .rtf. Finally, click on start. As for the performance is concerned, it is much faster than any other online tools available. There are both free as well as the paid version available.

Wondershare PDFElement

You can download the free version of this online tool by selecting the Downloads that is situated at the top of the page. Then you have to select the version of your operating system such as Mac, Windows, etc. In the free version, you will only be able to convert 5 documents. Also, the file that you will be converting will have a watermark in it. However, you can remove the watermark by clicking the Delete option. The layout of the pages will remain as it is but you need to reposition some contents. If you want to enjoy the regular benefits of Wondershare PDFElement, then you can go for the premium version.

Free Online OCR

From the name, we already got to know that it is a free PDF to Word converter. The online tool makes the perfect use of optical character recognition for identifying the text in the pdf. It works with the already scanned documents and the original files.

Nitro PDF to Word Converter

Nitro PDF to Word converter comes with two versions: an online version as well as a desktop application for windows. But only the online version is free to use. In this tool, you will be able to upload numerous files and also the choice of both import and export is great. However, in the free version, you can only be able to convert five files per month. The tool will send the converted file in your email address.


It can only be used in the desktop. This means that you do not have to worry about its performance. The trial edition of this free pdf word converter only allows you to covert three pages. But if you want to convert more pages, you have to g for the paid version instead. You can, however, split the pdf you chose to convert by using PDF sam tool and later on recombine both the Word document.


This tool is very simple, fast as well as free to use. You have to first upload the file and directly export the same to the cloud storage systems such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Smallpdf automatically deletes the uploaded file from its server after half an hour. This feature is great for maintaining privacy.

So these are some of the ways through which you can convert your pdf file into a word document. Also, we have mentioned the name of some best pdf to word converters. Let us know in the comments section below, which pdf to word converter you are going to use?