For professionals and students of professional courses,  presentation is like fact of life. This helps them to communicate their thoughts with their clients and teaching faculty respectively. There are many formats that are used while doing presentations like PowerPoint and PDF formats. PDF formats have been used by many professionals but they couldn’t overtake the popularity of Microsoft’s PowerPoint software for presentation. To date, Microsoft’s PowerPoint has maintained its undisputed image. It’s the first line of choice for doing presentations delivery.

Before going to the subject proper let’s see why there’s the need for converting PDF to PowerPoint. Let’s see their benefits over one another.

Need to convert PDF to PowerPoint

Portable Document Format is a computer application that is commonly used by the people across platforms. This is a file format used to create documents on corporate information. A user can use this file format for creating manuals, leaflets, newsletters, proposals and much more. It has the potential to store a vast amount of information in a file. The compact and portable format can be used in this modern world of business to prepare reports or presentations. It is easily accessible on any system with different configurations.

In many instances, you may find some relevant information in the Portable Document Format files which you may want to convert into the PowerPoint. The PowerPoint presentation supports the use of multimedia or animation in the slides. In the modern world, a person needs to present his ideas emphatically and impressively. Many times it happens that you have created a file or a document and saved it in PDF file format. While making a presentation you may require converting that data in PDF to PowerPoint. In such situations, the data can be converted into the PowerPoint application. A document gets converted into the PowerPoint application with the use of PDF conversion software. These are the tools that are widely available with different types of features.

Steps to choose the best pdf to PPT conversion software

There are several types of tools available with different types of features. These are easy to use computer programs. A person can convert the documents from one format to another with a single click of a button. A technologically advanced tool is the one that does not change the original formatting of the files. In other words, the format of the PDF documents does not change during the process of conversion. Other advanced computer programs equip the user to extract the images from the PDF documents and use them in the PowerPoint. The content of the files gets copied as it is in the original file.

Though PDF is one of the most popular file formats many users prefer PowerPoint tools for their presentation; PDF files have unique features that are not offered by other file formats like security, compact size, accessibility, usage restrictions, and a lot more. This has led to an increase in converting files in various formats like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Of these the most common need is to convert Word to PDF.

This is because most official documents, resumes, business contracts, etc. are in Word Format. Furthermore, due to the security and other unique features for PowerPoint files the demand for pdf to PPT has always been there. The presence of a plethora of converters on the market makes choosing an ideal PDF converter a little tricky. Here in this article, you can find some features which you have to look for while choosing an ideal PDF to PPT converter.

User-Friendliness: This is undoubted, one of the most important features. A software that cannot be used easily is no good. A good converter can to be used even by the non-experts.

Merging feature: Some PDF creators allow you to merge multiple PDF files into a single file. So, you must look for this feature in your ideal tool.

Security feature: The best converter is that which provides user-friendly features that help an individual to protect their PDF files from unauthorized access. You can Password-Protect your files. To ensure that it can not be edited or copied.

Document setting feature: A good software gives you the ability to specify the Title, Author, Subject and Keywords, which in turn helps you to organize your documents efficiently.

Batch conversion: Batch conversion feature is the latest that lets you convert multiple files in one go. Save a great deal of your time when you need to convert several files by using these features.

Conversion-from-multiple-formats: There are some converters that just not do pdf to PPT converter tools, but do the job of multiple converters. They allow for the conversion of files in several other formats like Word, Excel, and PDF to PPT.

If you are thinking of buying a PDF converter that is robust and efficient, do thorough research, read reviews, check out the trial version and only then make your decision.

Steps to convert the PDF files into PowerPoint

Selecting a suitable and best software to convert PDF into PowerPoint is the major step. Here we have selected the most popular Adobe Acrobat DC which is simpler and very much easy to operate.

1. Upload the PDF file which you want to convert into PowerPoint format to the selected software.

2. In Adobe Acrobat DC, on the right plane you get push-button called Export PDF, click on that.

3. Adobe acrobat is coded in a way that it will automatically do the text recognition to the PDF files which contains scanned text.

4. Finally, name your file and save it into your destination folder.

A person can create presentations instantly, easily and swiftly using these tools. One can use either online or offline tools for conversion.