How to choose the Best Website Hosting Platform?

Selecting the good web hosting platform is quite complex tasks in today’s competitive market. As there is lots of the best website hosting platforms in 2019 available for the users to host their website. There are many services that offer so-called unlimited or unmetered service for whatever amount of bandwidth, disk storage, and sites you are using. But, it is crucial to understand that most terms of services actually do limit the definition of unlimited to what is considered as reasonable use. If you would like to host your website, then choosing the best website hosting platform is much important. Nowadays, there are more and more people building websites either corporate website for their business or for their personal use. But, even a website that was only made for the personal use can mysteriously make you so popular, therefore you should host your website on the internet by choosing free website hosting platform.

For bloggers, travel enthusiast, fashionista, gamers, photographers, food bloggers, designers, etc a personal website is a fantastic way to share your knowledge and expertness with the world. Or maybe you are launching a special event which you want to share with your close one or to impress the employer with an online resume. However, there are lots of ideas to put together and host the website which can be unimaginable. So, no need to feel the pressure when it comes to these tasks as you can quickly get the best website hosting provider for your website at an affordable cost. Building a successful website is no longer considered to be the job only HTML developers can do. Web hosting services are now mainstream and this helps you to build your online image. So, whether you are in the market for cheap hosting, shared hosting, or any type of free website hosting provider, you can get best recommendation and advice to choose the top website hosting providers through this article.

Let us now look at some of the top website hosting providers in 2019 that will clear you how to choose the best website hosting platform for your business as:


Bluehost: Bluehost web hosting is one of the major best web hosting for small business because their last 16-month uptime and speed are very strong i.e. 99.99%.

Bluehost Hosting Plan

This platform uses their built-in admin panel which makes the setting up and manage the website is a very simple and straightforward manner. While their bandwidth is unmetered, but the maximum storage varies from 50GB to unlimited that entirely depends upon which plan you are going to choose. Bluehost is considered as the best web hosting India and all even all over the globe that takes care of their clients’ requirement as their first priority.





HostGator is more than just a witty character that you probably recognize from another hosting platform. This is one of the best web hosting for WordPress platform and is widely used over 9 million domains names till date.


The uptime is really good and what’s even more remarkable with this platform is the just the amount that is guaranteed. Another major benefit of this customer-centric hosting platform is the customer support that is available for the clients to resolve their queries whenever and wherever they want to.


Hostinger: Hostinger is one of the cheap website hosting platforms that cost $0.80 when selecting their longest subscription. They have the data centers and the servers all across the globe in 7 different regions. While being one of the cheapest providers, they still manage to achieve the just “okay” uptime of 99.91%.


The bandwidth and databases are unlimited unless you chose the single web hosting plan and with the later, you will be limited to 10GB of disk space, 100GB of bandwidth, one MySQL database, and one email account.


DreamHost: Dreamhost is another free website hosting platform in 2019 for your personal website with the cutting edge technology. Depending upon the client’s needs, there are two hosting which you can go with, WordPress and the shared hosting.


Both of these are highly loaded with excellent features for your website to shine in the online space. With this platform, they are putting lots of efforts and time into making their services the most secure out of there. The simplicity of this platform can help you to manage their personal website effectively.




Siteground: Siteground is one of the top website hosting providers in the middle ground between the consumer and those who cater to enterprise solutions.


If you have a small business with more complex web needs, then a typical business actually can have, then this platform is well suited for you. Although, the offerings states with the low as $3.95 per month which is the chock full of useful features that include access to the staging server and one-click get repo creation. This platform does limit to the storage and bandwidth, but even those who claim to offer so-called unlimited bandwidth and storage really have some limits to it.



We have breakdowns the information about best website platform providers in 2019 with their available packages and services and many more. Hope you will find it quite useful and easy to choose the hosting platform that you want to host your website.