Black man waiting for a train on the platform

As the digital world is growing its wings, tech giants are getting to know how big of a market India can be in the near future. Keeping that in mind, Google is doing Indian-specific stuff by pushing local services in its mainstream applications.

One such incident was Google’s recent bid to make train status checking easier. One of the best Android assistants, Google Assistant now comes with a “Where is my train” command that analyze and understand Indian Railways to the core. It didn’t take the search engine giant much effort to get down to the Indian Railways for train running status with Google Assistant. A simple voice command can now let users know their train status without opening the IRCTC or any other website for that matter. While it is simply just amazing, there are people still unaware of the new feature in India.

For those who still don’t know about the train status checking, here’s a guide brought to you by Apps To Follow to utilize Google Assistant for next term.

  1. First step is to simply long press Home button on your android device (in case you don’t have activated Google assistant, simply launch it from your app menu) to launch the Google Assistant app and say “let me talk to where is my train”. This will take you to a new list of services kept under the section named- “where is my train”.
  2. To find the location of your train to say the train number. This will let you know the real-time train location. Furthermore, it will display a list of stations from where you can choose your boarding station and assistant will tell you the time it will reach that station.
  3. While the first thing is it can tell you the exact location of the train, second it can give you estimate timings of reaching a particular location. Surprisingly, assistant can also do more. Google Assistant will also assist you in reaching the station on time and ensure that you don’t waste any time while waiting for the train.

Catch Your Next Train on Time with Google Assistant

There is a pile of voice assistants available in the Play Store but none comes closer to Google Assistant when it’s about local information. We have seen people use Google Assistant on their iPhones. Let us know what you think about the Google’s move to push local assistance. Also keep following AppsToFollow on Facebook and Twitter for more tutorials like this.