When we say social media what is the first thing that comes into your head? Most of us will say Facebook and for good reason. Facebook is a magnanimous community which we all are a tiny part of. But does it end at socializing when it comes to Facebook? Definitely not. Though it is completely wrong on so many levels, Facebook does share a lot of our data with third-party applications. And this cannot be mistaken as a security breach as this is how Facebook was designed. And the terms and conditions were designed accordingly.

To make one understand the graveness of this situation, imagine all the information you have put on your facebook profile, your number may be your relations, your location and all this information are handed over to companies or applications you know nothing about.

Now many people say the only way out is to just stop being on Facebook and delete your account. But is that practically possible? Even with its flaws facebook has definitely connected the world in ways no application has ever done. It is the fastest and the easiest way to share your life with near and dear ones. But that doesn’t mean we should compromise on data security. And even though this isn’t exactly a breach of data and is legal due to its terms and conditions it’s definitely not the same as we sharing data willingly with known parties.

Well, Facebook has a small way of helping us out with it. By choosing to opt out of Platform API Sharing we can keep our information safe from such third party applications. But this also has its downsides third-party applications include Instagram, Farmville, twitter etc. if you opt out of it you can’t log in to these applications using your Facebook id.

But if you are interested in doing so just the follow the steps below to safeguard yourself from sending data to third-party applications.

How To Change Your Facebook Settings To Opt Out of Platform API Sharing?

Step 1: Go to the settings menu and select the applications tab.

Step2: Select the section “Apps, websites, and Plugins”

Step3: On the screen, there will be a button to edit. Click on this button.

Step4: On clicking it will show you a pop up that will inform you of all applications you will disable.

Step5: Now click on “Disable Platform” and there you are safe.

There you go this is one small way of trying to safeguard yourself from the big bad world outside.