Today the internet is almost synonymous to the word Google. With the resource google is, it shouldn’t be limited to one language only and we guess Google itself understands this. Now Google is available in more than one language. And right now we will give you a complete run through as to how you can avail this setting.

Step 1:

Open the Google application. Well that we know is a no-brainer but it does constitute a very important step to this.


Step 2: 

Now do the next obvious thing. Click on the three dots on the top left corner of the screen. This will lead to a drop-down menu to appear.


Step 3:

Out of the multiple options choose Settings.


Step 4:

Once the settings are chosen another menu opens. Scroll completely down in this menu and click on advanced. This setting isn’t really a normal one, is it?


Step 5:

Scroll halfway down this advanced tab to find the Languages heading. Under this heading select Language


Step 6:

Now under the language heading choose a link Add Language.


Step 7:

The next step is the one you have been looking for. This is where you will get the option of choosing one language of your choice. You will have to scroll down to look for the languages. But to make life easier they are arranged alphabetically.


Step 8:

In the previous step you can choose multiple languages but to select default language, tap on the three dots beside the dialect of your choice.

Step 9:

On pressing those dots another pop up comes where you get an option saying Display Google Chrome in this language-select this option. Please note, a few dialects like English cannot be chosen as default you will have to choose English (United Kingdom)as an option of dialect.

Step 10:

The Final step in this procedure is relaunching Google Chrome. It’s like restarting our mobile device after making a change. For this click on the Relaunch button beside the dialect, you have decided. This will make Google Chrome restart and it might take around 30 seconds to happen.

Well, that is it folks your own Google Chrome in your own language. Can it get better? Go ahead and add your personal touch to your own favorite search engine.