Blocking websites on any web browser can be quite useful because there are some websites that contain malware, viruses or may also include lots of advertisement. Sometimes, we get angry even frustrated with these things and have no option to make these sites get lost. For them, there is nothing to worry about; these sites can be blocked if you are using them on Google Chrome. As per the reports, Google chrome is one of the most widely used web browsers. Therefore, you may need to know how to block a website on Google chrome within just a matter of the minute.

Let us take an example that you want to block the websites like Pinterest or Facebook on your work computer to ensure those distractions aren’t inhibiting your and even your team’s productivity at work. Or maybe you need to guarantee that all Google searches are not available to your 5-year-old baby/kids. Whatever is the case, blocking the website on chrome desktop or the mobile is an easy and very simplest process. Best of all, it is just as effortless to unblock those websites, so all you can do is to scroll through Pinterest, post-workday.

To block websites on Google chrome may also be helpful if the users want the only particular type of sites to be opened by the users. There could several reasons for how to block the websites on chrome permanently or any web browser such as:

  1. Someone is trying to steal personal data
  2. It may contain viruses or malware
  3. It may be not appropriate content and to protect the children from immoral content
  4. To stay focused whenever you need to study and you do not want to get distracted by social media/networking websites.

All these could be the reasons for you to block the websites on Chrome easily; therefore we are going to cover some of the methods that will help you to block the websites on chrome. Well, there are lots of useful methods that will clearly explain you about how to block the website on chrome android, but we will be discussing the most frequent and used methods that are easy to be processed as:

Method-1 Using Supervised User

Using Supervised User

This may seem uncommon but this is one of the best ways to achieve blocking the websites for creating a supervised user account on Google chrome and them switching to the newly created user. Following are the steps to be performed to how to block the website on chrome mobile as:

  • All you have to do is to, open the Google Chrome browser. Now, by using the three dots menu on the top-right corner near the address bar, go to the setting.
  • Then, under “people”, you will find the option “manage the other people”
  • Now, you have to click on “adds person” and fill out the names of the new user. You must not forget to tick the option “supervise this person” and then save the person.
  • Now go to (, manage and then go to the option “permission” and then click on the option “manage”.
  • Add the list of the websites which you want to block on chrome browser and finally it is done.

Method-2: Using Chrome Extension

Chrome Extension

To block the websites by using the chrome extension, you may have to follow the given below steps as:

  • First of all, you will need to download the extension named Blocksite from the chrome web store.
  • Now, you have to go to the website which you want to block on chrome. Then, right click here and click add “add current site to the blacklist”.
  • Then, you will see some popup box on your screen which means you have successfully blocked those sites on chrome.

Method-3: Block websites entirely on windows computer

Block websites entirely on windows computer

For this, you have to follow the given steps as:

  • Sign into your windows machine by using the account of administrative.
  • Then, you have to open the file explorer and go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\
  • Now, open the file named hosts by using either Notepad or Notepad ++
  • Now add this line to the block
  • Now, you have to perform the step for each and every site that you want to block
  • Now, first, save the file and then you have to reboot your system.
  • Now, open the browser and check whether this method is working or not and you are done..!!

Method-4: Use third party software/service

 Use third party software/service

You may always have the third-party software like the antivirus or the parental control software by which you can easily manage and do it for your own.

Method-5: Configuration the router

Configuration the router

Follow the given below steps to perform the blocking action on your website on chrome browser as:

  • You have to open your router configuration by using the URL or your IP address.
  • Different routers have a different admin panel; therefore look for something which says URL filters, firewall or parental controls.
  • Now, look for the option to block URL in the admin panel and add the entire URL that you want to block on chrome in the settings option.
  • Follow the instructions given there and reboot the router, if it automatically asks from you.
  • That is it, and now you have successfully blocked the websites on your entire network.


So, that was the article about how to block a website on phone or desktop. Well, there are several apps and other extensions also available for you to block the websites on chrome, but these methods will surely help you to do so in an easy manner.