We are talking about one of the most popular games Fortnite and its players. Though the game has been in the news for wrong reasons, you cannot deny that offering a competitive and smooth gameplay has drawn a lot of pro gamers to it.

International gaming competitions and tournaments have changed the significance of gaming and gamers. It is quite common to find a gaming competition in any part of the globe. Epic Games is seen hosting its own gaming events such as the recent Summer Skirmish event. Distinctive tournaments offer different prize money but it has become a source of income for many pro-players. Some of the biggest players earn by streaming their gameplay videos every week, while some get it from sponsorships and other online revenue sources. Ninja a.k.a Tyler Blevins avoid competing in any major Fortnite competitions or tournaments but is one of the highest earners among Fortnite players for its popular Twitch streams.

Top Three Earning Pro Fortnite Players

Players who like to compete in tournaments have the caliber to earn big by getting the important and valuable Victory Royale at competitive stages.

eSports Earnings have released a list of the top Fortnite pro-gamers and their earnings with eSports tournaments and Timothy Miller a.k.a Bizzle is the highest earning pro Fortnite player when we talk about tournament winnings. His earns around $322k annually.

After that comes to another Fortnite master Jake Brumleve a.k.a POACH. His estimated earnings are #317k

The third number is given to Austin Etue also known as Morgause who earns $250k.

Heavy Pool Prizes from Epic Games

Bizzle has earned most of his Fortnite gaming revenue during this year’s Fortnite Summer Skirmish competition where the total prize money pool has $8 million over the course of 8 weeks.

Americans are seen dominating Fortnite tournament winnings with nine Americans making it to the top 10 highest earning Fortnite players. Only the ninth place holds a different player who is Netherland’s Dimitri Van de Vrie (MitrO).

How much a player can earn of course initially depends on his gameplay but to win big in events and take out the most out of a pool, they should compete in a number of different tournaments.

This year Epic Games made an important announcement that during the first year of the competitive games, it would provide $100m to the Fortnite eSports tournaments prize pools fund. Along with that, it also announced that there will be a Fortnite World Cup. There will be qualifiers starting in early 2018 and the whole World Cup will be concluded by the end of 2019.

Approximately over £11 million has been spent away on competitive Fortnite tournaments and the majority of the money was spent in Summer Skirmish and Fall Skirmish from Epic Games. Ultimately, this will only increase the passion and desires of gamers but we have the dark sides of addictive games which we would not want from Fortnite.