We all know about the most popular camera maker GoPro. The brand specifically known for making the action cameras. Recently the brand has launched its a new set of action cameras for the year 2019 which is named as Hero 8 Black as well as GoPro Max. Both the cameras are great in terms of features and the company has worked a lot to improve the video and picture quality. Hero 8 Black is basically the new version of Hero 7 Black. It is basically the successor of the Hero 7 Black. Both the cameras will be up for the sale from October 20 where the Hero 8 Black will be priced at Rs 36,500. On the other hand, the GoPro Max which is basically a 360-degree camera will be priced at Rs 47,000 but it will be available on 24 October.

GoPro’s Hero 8 Black

As we have already mentioned that Hero 8 Black has just been launched and the main features which are in the headline are the improved stabilization through its Hypersmooth boost, the quality of the camera and having Hypersmooth 2.0 now in all of its modes. Along with this, it is also featured with a Live Burst photo functionality which showcases the Live Photos. Now let us have a look at the new features of this camera.

What’s new?

If you are using it for the first time, you will not be seeing any changes but as you keep on using it you will be seeing there are a lot of changes which they have done to this camera. This camera is extremely going to be beneficial for the video makers as well as the video editors as it comes with a linear mode in 4K/30 or the 100Mbps bitrate. The biggest change in the Hero 8 Black from the outside is frame case. Physically it looks different from its predecessor but it comes with the mounting finger built-in which means the users will no longer need to have a frame for connecting to the accessories f the GoPro. Apart from it also means that it will be having easy access to the battery as well as the memory card. Another change in the hardware is that the cover of the lens is not going to be removable as it is being made twice as strong as its previous version. But this change provides a negative impact on the ones who make use of the thing such as colour filters and neutral density. Apart from this, it does not contain any such HDMI ports and for this, the users have to purchase an accessory.

Coming to the star feature which is the Hypersmoth 2.0 which has been claimed by the company to offer even improved stabilization and is capable enough to function in any kind of resolution as well as frame rates. This is a positive point though as you need to have to worry about the kind of shot which you want to stabilize. Apart from this, there is a boost mode which offers more stable footage as compared to the default settings.

There are two more amazing additional features in it which are Capture Presets as well as Digital Lenses and both of these features has made a debut on this camera set of GoPro. Digital Lens is a destination for all the various file of the view settings which include Wide, Linear, SuperView as well as Narrow. On the other hand, Capture presets is more like presets which we generally use in all the devices and you can adjust and save it on your own.

If you are willing to click the still images then they have designed a LiveBurst photo mode which is quite similar to the Apple’s Live photo feature mode where the camera captures photos in 1.5 seconds before and after pressing the shutter button which will help the users in taking great shots.

It also provide the cinematic output because of the Horizon Levelling and long with this the TimeWrap 2.0 will help the users in controlling the speed in the hyper-lapse video when they will be needing. The predecessor of GoPro 7 is travel-friendly as it comes with a front-facing camera and even produces better audio and reduces external noise. It also comes with a USB C port, battery as well as microSD card slot. This camera can be great for travel vloggers. Coming to display it comes with the 1.9-inch display which is foldable and apart from this the light mode is waterproof with the depth of 10m which can be great for water sports and adventures.

GoPro Max

The second most camera which we would like to discuss is the GoPro Max which is also known as GoPro Max. Through this camera, the brand has made the debut of the 360-degree action cam. The output that you will be getting from the GoPro Max is beyond 4K which means it actually records 5.2K resolution and that too in 30 frames per second. Talking about this camera, its star feature is the 360-degree format. The camera basically helps the users in capturing the whole surrounding scenery and the proceed to post-frame the footage in the form of regular Full HD widescreen video. It is featured with lots of sensors, voice control as well as a beefed audio. Having said that there are some glaring omissions from its features.

As per the design is concerned, the 360-degree cameras of the GoPro Max are outdoorsy and tough. For the beginners, it can be very beneficial as it is a waterproof camera of up to five metres. If you want to click pictures on water sports, then this can be the go-to camera for you.

Apart from this, the camera is featured with an in-built GPS and one can do a live stream at up to 1080p. The over capture mode is extremely user-friendly in terms of usage and this mode change the perspective of the video dynamically. It will definitely win the game as no other brand has made such a strong and tough camera like GoPro Max as of now.