Did you ever think life would get crazier than the 3D printer or the cool developments in graphic design? If not then you’re in for a shock. This mind-boggling application lets you paint around your room in 3D, virtually. And who else can do this other than the most obvious company – Google?

Originally developed by Skillman & Hacket the Google tilt brush is the next big thing in the graphics world. It lets you paint a new world in all three dimensions tilt brush basically turns your whole room into your canvas what else can get crazier. The best thing about this app is the ease with which it can be used. You can introduce this app to your kid and watch as he/she gets engrossed in the world of 3D printing and virtual reality.

This easily usable but extremely exciting application is compatible with primarily two controllers Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, further in HTC Vive the headset needs to be configured with a steam account beforehand as the application is available through steam platform only.

The HTC Vive has two controllers out of which one while using Tilt Brush, becomes the palette while the other acts as the brush. In these brushes there are traditional art brushes as well as “not-so-traditional” brushes which you might take little time to get a hang of, especially to make the 3D strokes. Furthermore, this application has an extremely easy to use interface with features arranged in a systematic and hierarchal manner. Also, options like color picker and undo or erase are easily accessible. Another cool feature provided with this app is the snapshot tool which enables you to take a snap of the art and move it around in your 3D virtual space. Feel like 2050 already? It doesn’t end there this app comes with a walk-through feature which enables you to walk through and review your own or someone else’s collection.

The tilt brush also makes sharing of art easy be it a 3D room sized one or a small GIF.  

Now that you’ve read so much about this feature of the future I’m sure you’re dying to lay your hands on it yourself. Though easily available on google we have specified a few links from where you can make this app your own for a modest amount of $19.99




The uses of this app are endless it can be used to increase your child’s creativeness, at the same time this application can become an indispensable part of a fashion designer, architect or interior designer’s life along with aiding multiple other occupations. This application has been and will continue affecting most of the designing and creative industries around the world. With its ever-improving technology, it has also enabled creating different textures using the brushes, this has to be Gods gift for all those fashion designers out there. Other than that the interface has been made easier for beginners thus enabling your children to use as well as understand this application easily.

The users of this application have nothing but praises for it.

Bryan M. a designer and developer by profession says “Tilt brush is very easy to use and allows even someone with little artistic skill to create an interesting design thanks to many animated effects brushes. Currently, the app is focused on drawing in VR with many effect brushes, and it does not attempt to be the be all end all 3D app. That said, it does a great job at what it does do and is a great tool for professionals and hobbyists to have in their arsenal.”

Another user who bought the app directly from the steam website mentioned above reviews the app to be “So much fun. I can’t even explain. Psychedelic and dreamlike. This fulfills one of my childhood dreams”

Having heard so much about this application which seems to have jumped right out of some magical world I’m sure you’re extremely eager to buy this application. Feel free to use the links provided and get immersed in this magical world of textures, paints, and art.