The previous major update on the YouTube Music app came in May that introduced local file playback for Android version of the app. Today Google has decided to revamp the YouTube Music app on both iOS and Android for the offline music storage with “smart downloads.”

The offline caching is already available for premium subscribers since they can download an entire album or playlist for listening while being offline. In fact, YouTube Music has a feature called “Offline mixtape” where it automatically chooses the best tracks based on your music taste and saves them for offline listening. The feature is one of the best parts of the app reducing the manual effort of saving music for offline listening.

Save Up To 500 Songs Offline With Smart Downloads

Now to expand its automatic caching system, YouTube Music is introducing “smart downloads.” The new feature will physically replace the “offline mixtape” toggle and slider found in “Library & downloads” settings. And as the name changes, the storage capacity increases 5 times, going from 100 to 500.

Despite of physically disappearing from the settings, the offline mixtape will still work as the first 100 songs saved under the smart downloads will be based on the type of music you listen. Just like before, these 100 songs will appear on the “Your Mixtape” section found under “Library” and “Home” feed, and the app shortcut.

In addition to that, when users will want to save more than 100 songs, the feature will automatically download their favorite playlists, liked songs, and other frequent albums. To make space for the new feature, the Downloads screen is slightly revamped in the YouTube Music app. While the “Offline mixtape” at the top is replaced with “Recent Activity”, everything else down below is arranged in alphabetical order.

Smart downloads update is live on Android starting today as users are getting prompt on their Downloads page quoting “Offline mixtape is now smart downloads”. The prompt further reveals the details of the feature quoting, “Every night when you’re on Wi-Fi, we’ll automatically download your favorite music so you always have something to listen to. Just pick the number of songs and we’ll do the rest.”

You can also set the number of songs you want to locally store on the device using a slider available in the “Library & downloads” menu. The menu also comes with “Turn off” and “Got it” controls to either switch off the feature or save new settings.