Kiev, Ukraine - May 21, 2014: Woman holding a brand new Apple iPad Air and looking on YouTube music playlist on a screen. YouTube is the world's most popular online video-sharing website that founded in February 14, 2005

Previously in the year  2017, Google has come up with the app messaging option in the most popular video platform known as YouTube. The main aim of introducing the app messaging feature on YouTube was to allow its users in sharing their favorite videos with their family as well as friends as they watch the videos on the video-sharing platform. Google has introduced this feature in the month of May last year. And now after two long years after the company introduced the direct messaging feature on YouTube, the company has decided to discontinue this feature for some reason.

Having said that Google didn’t make any such clear announcement in this matter. However, it has let the YouTube users about its update within the YouTube app. as well as web-based platforms. Whenever used to open the YouTube app or,  they were shown an option of the message which shows, “Messages on YouTube will be going away after September 18, 2019” There is also an option called learn more which directly takes the users to the help page of YouTube. 

Not only this but also Google is manually sending emails to its users informing about the change in the YouTube and how they can share the videos now with their family as well as friends after the changes are being done.

However, Google did not clearly mention as to why they have decided to stop this messaging option after two-year-old service. But in a Youtube community page, an employee of Google named Hazel wrote that the company was “constantly re-evaluating our priorities” and so Google has to finally shut down its YouTube messaging option.

YouTube messages are not the most popular chatting platforms but it made sharing of the videos way more easier. But if you are a constant YouTube user and if you are thinking what will happen after the changes being made on September 18, you need not have to worry as the YouTube is going to provide you with an easier way of downloading the videos even before YouTube messages shut down. Now if you want to download the backup of your YouTube messages, the following steps will help you out a lot:

  • Go to YouTube take out a page in the Google settings account of your personal Google account.
  • Go to the YouTube section, and then select “All data included” for choosing which data you are willing to keep.
  • Deselect rest of the data except “Chats”.
  • Then select “Creative archive”.
  • Here you will receive n email when your archive is ready.
  • Finally, download all your chats in the form of a ZIP file and you are all set to go.

As we have mentioned above that Google did not mention the reason behind stopping the YouTube message. We expect that Google has always had a problem with having too many messaging apps. Earlier it has discontinued Allo and had allowed its users to communicate through Hangouts, Google Voice, Meet as well as Android Messages which include the new RCS protocol.

Google has too many messaging products

Coming to the second most reason for discontinuing the YouTube messages. There were more than 700 comments below Google’s announcement which Techcrunch included a post showing a large number of children who were enjoying messaging feature in getting around parental bans on various other messaging platforms.

 The children’s contents in YouTube is facing huge problems since the past few years and because of which YouTube was bound to disable the comments section on almost all the videos which were featuring children. Not only this but also it was reportedly considered to remove the children’s contents from the video-sharing platform completely. The main reason behind this was predatory comments which were being posted under them. Only some selected channels related to the children will be allowed to include a comments section.

Further, YouTube also wrote in a blog post, “These channels will be required to actively moderate their comments, beyond just using  our moderation tools, and demonstrate a low risk of predatory behaviors.”

The decision of YouTube in removing comments was in collaboration with  Nestle, Disney, Fortnite maker Epic Games, and AT&T.

Now we expect YouTube’s decision to remove its messaging feature is still unknown. However, it seems like less of a reorganization and even more of the controversies in the near future is going to be attempted. YouTube’s newly added features such as YouTube Stories are being excessively used by most of the YouTubers. For example, if a YouTube creator reacts to his or her subscribers’ interaction with their story then the comment is made visible for all the viewers. But now the platform does not want to take the risk of continuing its messaging option.

However, in the near future, YouTuve is planning to add its share feature in sending a video privately to the near and dear ones until and unless the parents have banned the child.