Google Stepping Into E-commerce World, Planning to Launch a ‘Shopping Tab’ With Flipkart, Paytm Mall


Google is looking to challenge the e-commerce giant Amazon by launching its ‘Shopping’ tab in India. The tab helps people to explore and buy directly from search results itself.
According to the reports, Google is currently running tests before the final launch in the country. The tab is expected to arrive before the end of 2018.

Amazon has been over everyone else on the internet lately. Leaving behind Google in search is something everyone can only dream about. Apparently, reports came out and Amazon was getting beating Google in terms of product search. Sensing a tough competition in Amazon’s quality services and Prime memberships, the search engine giant took this step. Amazon and it’s Prime services have already taken the driver’s seat in the US.

Google Shopping Tab

The new Google Shopping tab targets the shoppers of all age groups. You will have the benefits such as the search results from biggest search engine and over that, Google will perform an individual search on all e-commerce platforms for broad product options. The company is looking to fulfill the order through either their payment product or other options. The companies that are already on board with Google on this are Paytm Mall, Flipkart, and Snapdeal. Looking at the wide network of customers you can get on Google, we won’t have to wait long to see more e-commerce sites joining shopping tab initiative.

Google already owns product listing ads that give a lot of data to list initially. This upcoming Google Shopping tab will provide uninterrupted direct control to the user. They can filter the search based on categories, prices, and various other attributes.

Google or Amazon: Who’s Ahead Here?

Talk about the US and the search giant is facing a hard time against Amazon. In America, the Prime services have overtaken search engine product searches by providing a complete ecosystem with an amazing range of unmatchable services. The face built by Amazon as a one-stop shop for everything and a strong offline network is what Google lacks. While Amazon is growing at an incredible pace, Google is losing online shoppers and ultimately losing money due to decreased ad revenue.

E-commerce websites are less interested in Google because of the very low conversion rate. You will be surprised to know that Amazon’s ad revenue is growing at a pace of 132 % per quarter. With 85+ million shoppers, India is a potential market for both the big companies. We cannot say any of them are ahead at the moment but there will be a new degree of conversion for Google users with the new shopping tab.