In the past couple of months, Google has been continuously removing apps from Play Store giving reasons as security issues, privacy issues, etc. While it has been removing 10 to 30 apps every now and then, we saw the biggest app removal on play store two days ago.

Google has officially removed over 200 apps from Play Store referring to them as ‘dangerous’. Being downloaded for over 150 million times, these apps contain rogue adware known as SimBad.

These apps can damage your smartphones to a wide extent as this adware can enable phishing and data sharing of other apps on your Android device. While Google has removed these apps from the Play Store, users should make sure they have deleted these apps too since it can harm their device and data.

By taking this decision, Google has actually warned a number of Android users of data-stealing by unknown entities. We think this is a great move by Google since there has been a lot of clutter on Play Store and its biggest rival, iOS, has always been strict on it. Apple has been appreciated many times for its security systems and privacy initiatives.

Some of the Popular Apps Removed

The apps removed by Google contain a number of games, photo-editing apps, etc. However, there are some popular apps on the list that might be there on your smartphone. Here is a list of some apps that you need to remove before it actually turns out bad for your company.

  • Dual Screen Browser
  • Phone Finder
  • Face Beauty Makeup
  • Broken Screen – Cracked Screen
  • Deleted Files recovery
  • Modi Photo Frame
  • Voice reading for SMS. Whatsapp & text sms
  • Anti Theft & Full Battery Alarm
  • Move App To SD Card
  • Flash Alert – Flash on Call
  • Live Translator
  • Football Results & Stats Analyzer
  • Recover Deleted Pictures
  • DSLR Camera Blur
  • Professional Recorder
  • Anti-spam Calls

Google Reports 100 Percent Increase in Malware Since Last year

In a recent report covering malware trends in 2018, the annual Android security report from Google revealed that malware installed from Google Play Store has increased by 100% from last year. The click-fraud apps, a.k.a “adware”, added 55% of all the PHAs or Potentially Harmful Applications downloaded from the Play Store. The next big one was trojans at 16% and the list goes on. According to the search engine giant, click-fraud apps mostly targeted the Brazilian, USA, and Mexican Android users. Previously Google treated click-fraud as a mere policy violation on Play Store but now the company is strict towards user-security and privacy, which we think is a great move in this digitally growing age.