Without Google Play, our phone is nothing, in fact, it is very hard to imagine. This is because this is the only destination where we can get the core of Android experience. It is a place from where we can download new games as well as new apps to our device. From here you have to proceed for most of the in-app payments. Not only this but also this place will introduce you to anew additions to your app collection. We often make use of it in such a way that we forgot to realize its importance and also we do not admit its benefits. But one thing we always have to agree is that we avail its maximum benefits for free. It is undeniable when we talk about Google Play. In fact, there is rarely some things which are free in this world. This is because most of the games as well as apps these days come with some sort of in-app purchases, an upfront payment system as well as the ad system. Having said that can you imagine something like monthly subscription which you have to pay for through you will be allowed in accessing these games as well as apps for free? Yes, you read it right! Google has now revealed about Google Play Pass which is basically a monthly subscription for Google Play. This will allow the users to do what exactly what we have mentioned above.

Google has announced its Play Pass app subscription just after the launch of Arcade subscription which is owned provided Apple launched on iOS. However, this type of subscription services was introduced earlier. Having said that nothing can beat when you compare it with Google as it is handled by Google itself. So you can understand what will be the difference between the value proposition of Play Pass. Let us explain to you this in details.

Google Play Pass is service which will be charged just $5 per month. Not only this but also this particular service is equally applicable to each and every user of Google Play in your Family Library. And you can keep you subscription active as long as you want to. Which means as long as you keep your subscription active, then all the members of your family will be able to enjoy and share the benefits of that particular single monthly payment. Google has also shared a catalog where it has showcased more than 350 apps as well as games at launch that will work along with Google Play Pass. And with the help of your monthly subscription, you will be able to access each and every one of these even without any sort of monetization system. No matter if the particular apps earlier had in-app purchases, ads an upfront purchase as well as paywalls. Everything will be free for you!

This particular service has been teased earlier this month. Google Play Pass has come up with a fun carnival ride esque “ticket” icon which has four different color options such as red, blue, yellow as well as green. It s not like Apple Arcade which was launched last week and needs a full iOS upgrade for accessing its benefits. Having said that Google Play Pass will be having equivalent things and it will be supporting to many android devices starting from Android 4.4 KitKat and later.

As we have mentioned above Google has currently added over 350 games as well as apps that do not contain any irritating ads, upfront payments or in-app purchases. But more such apps will be added each and every month along with the Play Pass for developers. Google has come up with curated as well as a high quality collection which includes both apps as well as games.

Following are the launch games which has been touted by Google:

  • Terraria (normally $4.99)
  • Monument Valley ($3.99)
  • Risk (free with IAPSs)
  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic ($9.99)
  • Limbo ($4.99)
  • Lichtspeer ($3.99)
  • Mini Metro ($0.99)
  • Old Man’s Journey ($4.99)

Family-friendly contents  include:

  • My Town Series
  • Toca Boca Titles

Apart from the paid games which are featured with the upfront cost, free to play contents are als included? Premium games, as well as apps, will be seeing all their ads have been removed and IAPs are available right now. The same thing is applicable to any other apps which you have already paid for or even downloaded.

As you are browsing through the Google Play Store or even approach to a game or an app, you will be able to notice that whether the particular app or game is a part of Google Play Pass or not. A small ticket icon will be showcased and by chance, if there is an upfront purchase price, you will be seeing that it has been crossed out. Not only this but also Google has particularly a dedicated Play Pass area of the store which will be showing  Play Pass compatible apps.

One of the main benefits of the Google Play Pass on the Play Store is that developers will not have to put a lot of efforts into participating. And the users also do not have to do anything except just downloading as well as using the apps. Each and every time when a user reach a particular point where he or she has to pay for some services, the Play Store will automatically analyze that you have Play Pass ad instantly it will unlock the particular feature for you.

Google Play Pass costs $4.99 per month along with a 10 day free trial. Until October 10, you can take the subscription for just $1.99 per month for the first year. Google Play Pass has started to roll out all over in the US today and it will be available within this week and you can be able to find it in the navigation drawer. This is the fifth tab appearing in the bottom bar which will only be after you join this service.