Google added a category for the first time to award apps that are popular among users- the Google User’s Choice Awards.

Recently Google held voting for this year’s Google Play awards. After users locked their votes, Google dropped its list of the most popular Play Store apps for 2018 along with useful results. Unsurprisingly, Google, as well as all the Android users, chose PUBG Mobile as the best game of the year 2018.

Since its launch back in 2008, Google Play has been the most used application or interface to download applications, games, and ebooks. So this year on its 10 years of being in the game, Google Play launched massive User’s Choice Awards for 2018.

Users from all over the globe voted for their favorites apps, games, movies, and among many other categories. After a month and millions of votes, winners were announced three days ago. Admittedly, some apps were just expected, but few came out as a surprise for everyone. While you can already see all the winners from Google Play Awards 2018, AppsToFollow team has decided to analyze the number one apps and games selected by Google as well as Users. Let’s see why they were at the top and keep following us on Twitter and Facebook for awesome tech news.

Fan Favorite Award for Best App of 2018: YouTube TV

There are millions of apps out there with billions of downloads. Even the main YouTube app is not a small thing being the world’s largest video streaming and sharing app. But users choose YouTube TV as the best app of 2018. Reason? Well, its description says it all.


  • Cable-free live TV. No cable box required.


  • Watch major broadcast and cable networks, including ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, AMC and more, including your local sports & news channels.
  • Watch on your smartphone, tablet, computer, smart TV, or game console, and on your big screen via Google Chromecast, Roku player & TV, and Apple TV.
  • Cloud DVR without DVR storage space limits. Each recording will be stored for 9 months.
  • 6 YouTube TV accounts per household. Everyone gets their own login, recommendations, and DVR.
  • No commitment, no contracts; cancel anytime.
  • Start your free trial today.”



The app covers over sixty networks that include the likes of BBC America to Nat Geo Wild to Cartoon Network. It has become one way to stream international content on Smart TVs without a cable or a set-top box. No wonder the app has quickly gained a prominent place among Android users.

“These apps made our lives easier, our downtime more fulfilling, and our moments online more connected to others. Innovative, elegant, and intelligent – they’re Play’s Best Apps of 2018, said Google.

And YouTube TV has been successfully making the lives easier.

Google Best App 2018: Drops: Learn 31 new languages

There are literally hundreds of apps that claim to teach international languages but have you ever seen someone speaking a fluent language using these apps? You know why because you install one of these apps with all the excitement and language learning turns out to be super boring. This is where Drops is better than every other language learning app. Offering you up front vocabulary through eye-catching minimalist illustrations and interactive microgames. The app itself just wants your 5 minutes of the whole day and claim it to be enough to learn a language. Surprisingly, these 5-minute sessions are actually effective and the trick makes the app even more addictive.

This is the app that we found ourselves returning to sharing with friends all year. Beautifully designed and universally useful, it’s our Best App of 2018,” said Google.

Best Game of 2018 By Google as well as User’s Choice: PUBG Mobile

This was almost obvious to win the User’s Choice award considering its immense popularity on the smartphones. You will hardly find any game lovers today who are untouched with the awesomeness of this battle royale game. Considering the fact that the mobile version is not even the best version of the Tencent game, this feat is quite big in its own. Check out here know which platform among PC, Console, or Mobile offers the best PUBG gameplay.

Sophisticated animation, mind-blowing plot, and impressive interface of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. has been quoted as best ever by many. Even after occupying almost 2 Gigs on a device, the game has still managed to get on millions of devices. It surely deserved the number one spot for Best Game on Fan Favorite as well as Google’s list.

We have been covering PUBG Mobile from quite a while. You can check out basic gameplay FAQs and Answers regarding PUBG Mobile.

Tencent recently released PUBG Mobile Season 4 Update and we think still that the best game of 2018 still has a lot more to offer to its users.