If you are away from social media, Google Discover, as well as RSS, feeds or then you may have seen about the colour of Google’s 2019 Pixel smartphones in each and every angle. Recently there are some leaked reports hovering around about the Google Pixels smartphone 2019. The main reason behind the leak was a shop from Vietnam who have handed over the Google Pixel 4 as well as Google Pixel 4 XL to the hands of YouTubers. And because of them, we have got to see the first impressions of both the phones in HD. The YouTubers have given the people about the first look of these two smartphones from Google. They have even shown off the viewers the customization’s of the new Pixel software on top of the Android 10. This has revealed certain features such as Pixel Themes, Screen Attention, a new Assistant UI and they have also revamped Google Camera. A tipster has revealed Google Camera 7.0 APK which was extracted before the launch of Google Pixel 4. This has given viewers an early look at the amazing camera interface.

Recently a YouTube channel from Vietnam named ReLab that have earlier published the first gaming test of the Google Pixel 4 XL and they have also shared the new camera APK with the tipster. So let us first discuss what people have noticed after the leak.

In the Google Pixel 4, the camera modes are situated below the camera switch, gallery buttons as well as the shutter. The switch icon of the camera is enclosed in a circle for matching the shape of the other two buttons. Coming to the bottom part, the complete bottom part of the camera interface excluding the gesture navigation area as well as a small area above it will be floating on top of the viewfinder while capturing the 16:9 photos which will give users more room for seeing what they are capturing. Similar to version 6.3 and also before it, the users can still swipe right or left on the viewfinder to switch between camera modes.Coming to the top bar, in the earlier version, it contained several options such as the Motion Photos, the timer as well as the flash has now been replaced with a box which pops up just in the middle of the viewfinder. The particular box is hidden by default. The camera options which appear in the box totally depends on which camera modes. Suppose, the portrait mode options which include selfie illumination as well as face retouching whereas the panorama mode includes an option to toggle audio recording. Lastly, the General Settings can be accessed from the settings box of any such camera mode page rather than in the “More” tab. Night Sight of camera has also added a new “infinity” focus option. This will aids astrophotography for the Google Pixel 4. Earlier, there were 3 Night Sight focus level options such as Autofocus, Far as well as Near. As per the Google, “Near” totally focus at almost 4 feet. On the other hand “Far”  completely focus about 12 feet.

Coming to the zoom and exposure, the zoom, as well as the exposure sliders, have been tweaked to be smoother. The zoom slider which is present will be telling the users about the zoom level. On the other hand, the exposure slider will no longer tell the users about the levels.
When the user will long press the shutter button on the camera mode, it will automatically start recording the video. And it will capture the video until the user leaves the shutter button.
There were a couple of suggestions which have been added to the Time-Lapse mode which will be helping the users in deciding which speed to use. 5x is described as “good for lively groups”, 10x as “good for walking”, 30x as “good for busy spots” as well as 120x “good for sunsets”.

The screenshots of Google Pixel 4 camera 7.0 which is extracted from the phone and which is running on a person’s Google Pixel 2XL says that “Please note that I had to censor th gallery icon in many of these screenshots.”

Along with this, there is a new “Camera coaching” feature which will be giving tips on how to take good photos as per the current scene. While you turn it off it will disable hits such as “try Night Sight” when there is a low lighting condition or “try Portrait Mode” when a face is detected in the viewfinder.
The photo resolution option of the camera is limited to just Full resolution as well as Medium resolution. The medium resolution provides 16:9 photos which are 4.1MP on the Pixel 3XL. Photobooth option which was present in Pixel 3 is now no longer available in this mode.So these are the leaks we have come to know. Let us wait for the final launch of Google Pixel 4 as well as Pixel 4XL.