Google has decided to boost its Pixel 3 sales and in an attempt of doing that, the company has launched a referral offer for all the Nexus and Pixel users this holiday season.

The search engine giant is offering Rs. 7,000 instant discount to the person accepting the referral as well as an Rs. 2,000 e-gift voucher to the person sending the referral. The offer is launched on e-commerce giant Flipkart and it will be live till December 20. However, referral codes generated in this period will be valid till 24 December. That means these will hold no value on and after Christmas.

The program requires Pixel and Nexus users to download Flipkart app in order to avail the offer.

How to Avail the Rs. 7000 Off on Pixel 3 Variants

  • After downloading and signing-in your Flipkart account, click on the targeted banner highlighted specifically on the opening page of the app. This banner will then lead you to a new page where you will be asked for a new email-ID.
  • Flipkart then mails you a generated code and a unique link with the 48-hour window. 
  • The user then can use or send this link to someone else in order to avail the purchase offer on either Google Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL. The link will be valid only till December 24, and once used to get Rs. 7,000 instant discount while purchasing, you cannot use the same link again. 
  • The referee only has to open the link and validate the code in his Flipkart account and it will be automatically tagged to the buyer’s account until December 24. 
  • After that, the buyer can buy either Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL anytime with a Rs 7,000 discount. As soon as the buyer completes the purchase, the referral will get an e-gift voucher worth Rs 2,000 on the Flipkart connected email-ID used to avail the offer. 

  • Notably, this is an exclusive offer and buyer is still eligible for even more discount on the device with other offers or promo codes active at that time on Pixel 3 series.

Get Even More Discount Other Than Rs. 7000 Offer

Currently, Flipkart has Big Shopping Days sale going on valid from December 6 to December 8 with discounts on all major brands and also 10% flat discount on HDFC debit and credit cards. There is also a 40 percent buyback value for Rs 199. Walmart owned e-commerce giant is already offering Rs. 4,500 off on all the variants of Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL due to the Big Shopping Days sale.

Flipkart is also offering up to Rs. 14,900 off on the exchange of old phones. The Google Pixel 3 64GB is currently priced at Rs. 66,500 and 128GB is priced at Rs.75,500. Similarly, Pixel 3 XL 64GB variant is available for Rs. 78,500 and 128GB variant is available for Rs. 87,500 on this Big Shopping Days sale.

Without the offer, Google Pixel 3 price in India for base 64GB is set Rs. 71,000 whereas for 128GB model is set Rs. 80,000. Talking about the Google Pixel 3 XL, the base 64GB model in India is priced originally at Rs 83,000 whereas the 128GB variant is priced at Rs. 92,000.