One of the best photo storing and sharing apps for both Android and iOS Google Photos has rolled out a new update for Apple users. Photos for iOS will now work as a Google photo editor, thanks to the new portrait mode depth editing update.

The similar feature was already added for the Android users in October. For Android, Google added the ability to tweak the bokeh level or background blur in an already clicked photo.

In the iOS version, everyone’s familiar with Apple’s popular portrait photo mode. Adding the functionality to the portrait mode, users will be able to control the amount of background blur using a slider in the app.

How to Adjust Background Blur Using Google Photos

  1. To use the mode and edit photos in Google Photos, simply launch the app and press the Edit.
  2. The editing menu will pop up and look for several color filters available at the bottom of the app in the editing menu.
  3. Hit the Edit button again and you will be presented with the sliders for Light, Color, and the new Depth.
  4. A drop-down arrow at the right side of the app will let you adjust the foreground as well as the background blur in the iPhone portrait mode photos.
  5. You can tap anywhere in the picture to change the currently in-focus part.

Notably, this is not the first photo editing app to offer a feature like that. There are other third-party apps offering similar feature from years now. However, none of them is as popular as Google Photos and none of them have the ease of then sharing or storing the photo securely.

Another New Google Photos iOS Feature- Color Pop

Apparently, depth editing was not the only feature Google rolled out in Photos app for iOS. A new feature named Color Pop was also found in the app specially designed for the iPhone portrait mode photos. The feature helps the subject of the photograph pop out more by making the background black and white. The subject remains in color living up to the name- Color Pop.

Both the features are now available to iOS users after the update. Those who think Photos is just an app to store or share photos, install it in your iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPad, or any iOS device and enjoy a whole new Google photo editor.

In a recent report, Google also introduced Google Lens support in the Photos app for iOS. For those who are unaware of the Lens from Google, it is basically an image-recognition service that identifies an object and surface information about it from the internet, gives links to buy it, and more.

Generally, Google-powered apps might be the only apps, where iOS users get an update after the Android users get their hands on it.