Google Inbox by Gmail May Gets Shut Down by March 2019

Inbox by Gmail to Be Shut Down by March 2019: Google

Google has decided to shut down its Inbox by Gmail app in March 2019. The reason behind this is that most of the features from inbox by Gmail App has been already been introduced through a Gmail design revamp in past few years.

“We want to take a more focused approach to help us bring the best email experience to everyone. As a result, we’re planning to focus solely on Gmail and say goodbye to ‘Inbox’ at the end of March 2019,” Matthew Izatt, Product Manager at Gmail, wrote in a blog post late on Wednesday.

Google didn’t mention any exact date bur Google did release a Support Guide so that users of Inbox can easily make a move to Gmail. This action was taken when Google Team rolled out a design overhaul for Gmail in June.

“We know change is hard, so we’ve created a transition guide to help you switch from Inbox to the new Gmail with ease,” Izatt added.

Inbox by Gmail to Be Shut Down by March 2019: Google

Inbox by Gmail was created in 2014 to allow users to create more customized emails features. Earlier, the Gmail app or desktop UX came with limited features making Inbox by Gmail more advanced and complete suite or a platform to create/expand on ideas.

Even the most recent updates included in Gmail in June 2018, like ‘Snooze Emails’, ‘Smart Reply’, ‘Hover Actions’, and Follow-ups (or nudges), were initially present only on Inbox by Gmail.

Now, when Google has decided to shut down the Inbox by Gmail App services by the March 2019, The Gmail users will get more unique and new features from Inbox by Gmail being integrated into their regular email experience. To list few features you may see in next update of Gmail such as:

  • Users can help users customize inbox tabs and notifications. With this,  users can also create specific labels by which email can be filtered into various categories.
  • Also, those users who have a habit of using Reminders feature from Inbox can consider using the Google Tasks and Google Keep apps, both of which are available for iOS and Android version.
  • And lastly, for the users who use their email via PC, Gmail, Tasks, and Keep can be handled simultaneously.

Google also mentioned, Overall, it’s probably good that Google is focusing on one app for email: Gmail. I’m told no employees will be laid off from the Inbox team, which was already well-integrated into the Gmail team. Still, the unsurprising ending is a little bittersweet. As an app experience, Inbox implemented great ideas about how to make email less of a database-like chore by giving the app a more playful and interesting UI. The email will always be a chore. Sorry.