Google Celebrates its 20th Birthday with 20% Off on Pixels and More


We belong to a generation who witnessed it all happen from the scratch. The search engine giant turned 20 yesterday and in the honor of that, Google UK came up with a heavy price cut on Pixels and various smart home devices. In search of establishing itself in the crowded smartphone market, the search engine giant chooses the best day of the year for them to offer a 20% discount on almost all smart home devices.

Google Celebrates its 20th Birthday with 20% Off on Pixels and More

Starting off with the SIM-free Google Pixel 2, the 64GB variant was available with a price tag of £629 is now available at £503.20 whereas the 128GB variant available before at £729 is now priced at £583.20. Coming to the Google Pixel 2 XL, the 64 GB variant has come down to £639.20 from £799 and the 128GB model is reduced from £719 from £899. Furthermore, the Google Home Mini is now available at just £39.20 from £49 while the larger version of it, the famous Google Home is now available at £103.20 coming down from £129.

The 20 percent discount has also reduced the price of Chromecast Ultra from £69 to £55.20. The single pack of the Wifi of Google’s wireless mesh network is now also available at £103.20 from £129.

20 years of Google Down the Memory Lane

Google Doodle has been reminding us of historic events, occasions, birthdays for 20 years and these two decades have been more than just colorful with Google. Google is celebrating this birthday with a Doodle set yesterday and still live offering a trip down the memory lane with popular search trends and live Doodles in the last two decades.

The Doodle includes popular search terms animating in multiple languages. Along with that, the search engine has also launched a new website It contains all the popular facts about searches made in the last 20 years of its life.

For example, do you know Neymar is the most searched soccer player since 2017, or the most-searched actor in 2008 was Heath Ledger (the year of his death), or the most searched reality TV show from 1999 to 2001 was The Real World?

Larry Page and Sergey Brin first registered the domain back in 1997, but they failed to officially incorporate Google. However, it just took them a year more to try again. 4th September 1998, was the day Google was founded officially in a garage of Susan Wojcicki, who then was a friend of the duo and now is the CEO of YouTube. Susan Wojcicki came onboard with Google when she became the first marketing manager of the company in 1999.

Google Celebrates its 20th Birthday with 20% Off on Pixels and More

Since then, Larry and Sergey never looked back and soon tasted mega success through a unique but effective search algorithm. The first ever algorithm was called “Backrub”. Since then, the company has given users the most powerful tools for web usage such as Chrome, Google Drive, and many more. Google took the next step in growth when it launched Android OS for mobile phone. It has been part of our culture innovating the future of the internet and handing us the power to conduct a simpler life on the internet. We congratulate everyone at the Google family and wish that it continues to modify the internet with the same motive of making the search easy for many more years