Spams are annoying especially when it gets through filters as well as clutters up your message box. For quite some time now, the users of Google calender are facing very vulnerable as well as a nasty type of spam which seems to have rapidly effected the users lately. So how does it works? Let us explain to you. An unknown email which contains an invitation to an event is being sent by the spammer to the Google Calendar of the users. Having said that, this may also happen even with the emails which are situated in the spam folders of the users. There are some cases the users find the same email in the spam folder. Through this, the Google Calendar will automatically put the same into the appointment into the calendar of the users. Not only this but also the body of the appointment contains suspicious content or various other spam links.

So all these things are very annoying and often steals the information of the users. So first and foremost the users have to face the problem of turning down the invitation. This invite will expose the users to malicious contents. Here the users will have the crossed-out appointment as this can appear in their daily appointment. Due to all these objectionable contents, it will totally mess up the fully organized calendar of the users.

The users after clicking on the spam message often tend to click on the malicious link which is sent by the spammers. The main target of the spammers is to let the users click on the suspicious links through which the users get redirected to a website. This automatically confirms that the account of the user is active and finally they continuously start to receive uncountable unsolicited emails. The situation gets worse when the users are tricked in such a way through which they are bound to give their personal information to the spammers. Personal information can also be in the form of data if stolen through such phishing campaigns will provide all the information of the users to the attackers through which they can conduct further theft. Not only this but also there are also some cases through which the attackers take out loans using the name of the particular user as well as potentially compromise online accounts which can totally rely on the security questions being answered correctly.

The email contents of the users are the gateway which can provide a link to all your important accounts as well as the details of the communication with friends, business person or family. The cybercriminals even trick the users to provide financial information. If the spammers succeed in getting your financial services details through such malicious links on the Google Calendar, they will conduct unauthorized transactions. There are also some cases where they can sell the data to the other spammers in the Dark Web.

In a recent interview, a spokesperson of Google shared about their terms of service of prohibiting people from misusing the services with the help of spreading malicious contents. Not only this but also the system sends multiple warnings of such suspicious URLs to the users who use the Chrome browser specifically.

He said, “We remain deeply committed to protecting all of our users from spam.” He further added, “we scan content on photos for spam and provide users with the ability to report spam in Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Photos and Google Forums, as well as block spammers from contacting them on Hangouts.”

The need of the hour.

Well, everything has a solution. In this case, also there is a way through which you can save your data from such malicious activities. You need to set your Google Calendar in such a way through which such spams does not have a chance to occur and all you need to do is get rid of such crossed-out appointments if you have already set your calendar. There are some steps which you need to follow which we will discuss one by one.

Firstly you have to stop your Google Calendar from automatically adding any kind of invitations which are sent to you. Check out the steps given below:

  • Go to your web calendar app, then click on the gear icon which is situated on the top right corner of the page and then select “Settings”.
  • Secondly, click on the “Event Settings” which is present in the left-hand menu listing.
  • Search for the setting which reads, “Automatically add invitations.” Click on that option to get the drop-down menu. Now select the option that shows, “No, only show invitations t which I have responded.”

If any events are sent to you in your Gmail, follow these steps from ending up on your calendar:

  • Click on the “Events from Gmail” on the left-hand menu.
  • Uncheck the “Automatically add events from Gmail to my calendar”.
  • Now you will be getting a warning that shows, “You will no longer see events automatically added from your email. Previously added events from Gmail will be removed.” Now click okay.

The third step is all about the spam invitations if you have received, follow the step to get rid of the crossed-out entries:

  • Proceed to the “View options” situated on the left-hand menu.
  • Uncheck the “Show declined events”.

To make sure you that declined events do not appear further, follow the given steps:

  • Select the three parallel lines situated n the upper left of the Google calendar for pulling out the side menu.
  • Now scroll and select settings.
  • Then select “General”.
  • Toggle off the “Show declined events”.

Follow all the above-mentioned steps and we assure you that you will not be getting such malicious events or any kind of additions into your Google calendar.