All the Android phones are facing a new problem and this time the victim is Google Assistant. So the problem is like if a person is using the “Ok, Google” or “Hey Google” phrase for opening the Assistant on a device, it automatically gets activated on another device as well. This particular bug has specifically provided a negative impact on the Google Home as well as Google Pixel devices. It turns out the issue which starts when a person says, “Hey Google” or “Ok Google”. This issue not only starts Google opens the Google Assistant on a device but it also starts managing for activating it on a second device which is present in the nearby area. The screens of both the devices remain powered on after hearing these particular phrases for activating the Google Assistant. Apart from this, the bug forces the Google Assistant to remain active on the second device until and unless it is turned off.

As we have already mentioned above that it can be very frustrating for the people who are owning certain devices such as Google Home Smart speakers which are being activated by using the same spoken command. Various staff members from the Android Police have found that their mobile phones, as well as tablets, are not going back to the sleep mode after they have recognized that the wake command was all connected to the other device. This is not a simple problem. Rather it leads to an extremely serious battery drain and it works even when the dark mode is being activated on the phone as well as a potential risk as it also keeps your smartphone open and unlocked. Not only this but it also creates a problem which can even lead to images being burned into the screen of the LCD devices.

This issue was also faced periodically on the Google support forums from the September month of this year. It continuously affecting the Google Pixel as well as Google Home devices. It not only affected Google devices but also a user of One Plus 6T have noticed his phone remained to awaken along with its battery at about 1 per cent hours soon after the  Google Assistant have found the wake phrase. As of now, it has not been found the root of the problem. Meanwhile, we always recommend keeping your eye on your Android phone each time you check your phone. Not only this but also you have to make sure that you have turned your screen off manually if it is needed to be done. Now let us look at how does Google Assistant works and the devices which specifically supports it so that you can be more aware of this issue.

Importance of Google Assistant

Google Assistant is built into various wireless speakers, smart devices as well as smartphones all across the world. It has grabbed the attention of many and secured the prominent place which has transformed our traditional home into a modern home and this is a great part. It is featured with incredible things which can provide you with all sorts of information and also you can check your emails as well as it can help you in booking appointments. So as you have seen Google as worked quite a lot to make it smarter with the perfect use of artificial intelligence for learning and adapting and becoming more needful each and every day. Not only this but it also lots of smart devices are adding Google integration to make it easier for controlling the smart home with the use of the clever voice assistant.

Google Assistant is specifically the voice assistant of Google and it is present in almost all the smart home devices as well as smartphones. It is powered by artificial intelligence and it is the answer of Google to Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa as well as Microsoft’s Cortana.

Devices that support Google Assistant

Yes, it is true that Google Assistant is compatible to almost all the smartphones but it is also compatible the Google Home range of speakers such as the Google Home Mini, Google Home Max as well as various smart displays such as the Google Home Hub as well as Google Next Hub Max. Having said that Google Assistant is featured with the built into various types of third party devices which include the Ticwatch E2 smartwatch, Sonos One speaker ad it is also compatible with some cars. But most of the people like using it in a smartphone or speaker.

Google Assistant works amazingly in Android device rather than iOS devices. This is because the mobile operating system of Google is developed by Google itself. If you are one who is using Android 5.0 or the advanced version than this then you can just hold down the Home button or say “Ok Google” for enabling the Assistant for giving the command. Not only this but you can even enable Google Assistant by opening the Google Assistant app or if you are one who has a Pixel 2, Pixel 3 or Pixel 4 then you can simply squeeze the bottom half of the phone. But if you are an iPhone user, you have to download the Google Assistant app from the Apple App Store and then you have to open it every time but being an iPhone user you are safe from this particular bug which has arisen in the Android phones right now.

Google Assistant is useful in many ways starting from checking the event in the calendar to create a shopping list, this app will help in acting as our personal personal assistant which is pretty cool. You do not have to pay for it either.

Now coming to the bug which is immensely draining the battery of the Android phones. The post was originally posted on Reddit and soon after posting various people start commenting on it by saying that they are also facing the same issue. Google has not made any announcement on it yet so far and we hope soon they will roll out to fix this issue.