Google Adds New Features To The Travel Planning Tools


We know Google tries every possible way to hand us most of the answers without opening any website, on the SERPs. Information about trains and flights is one such example, that comes under Google’s travel planning tools. Enhancing the tool relevance, the search engine giant will now provide suggestions on places to visit or things to do in a global travel destination. When hotel bookings and flight tickets are booked and sent on your Gmail, Google will offer even better recommendations in the next organic search results.

“For example, if you’ve recently started looking at traveling to Milan, we’ll show you potential trip information in Your Trips like flight prices you’re tracking (if you have any), destination-specific flight and hotel searches, and places you’ve saved. That way, you can easily pick up your travel research when you come back to Google, read Google blog post.

The global search engine leader posted a blog with the example of a random traveler searching “Austin” who has hotel bookings in the city already. Google will then customize results with specific hotel booking dates, flight prices, weather info about the specified bookings, restaurants near the hotel. This update is supposed to be live in October.

Google Blog quoted, “This tip will appear worldwide over the coming weeks when you search for flights on your phone over the December holidays. We’ll also notify you if prices are not going to drop or if they’re likely to rise in the next five days.”

Next month, Google is going to update its famous “Your Trips” travel planner so that it can merge all the travel information under one roof prior to the travel. From hotel searches to flight price tracking, this new update is surely going to save you quite some bucks.

The most impressive addition will be landing page consisting pricing trends. Though it will have limited functionality initially, Google is looking to expand it globally soon. This page will give you flight price trends of upcoming holidays like Thanksgiving and New Year. It will help you plan the trips accordingly.

Google Adds New Features To The Travel Planning Tools

Finally, there will be a “location score” for hotels. It will summarize the neighborhood characteristics using the information from Google Maps. This location store will also include information such as distance to landmarks, bars, details about public transportation, and many more things. Moreover, it will help you get to the airport offering info such as what’s convenient while going to or from the airport.

“For example, you’ll see if a specific hotel is near boutique shops to fill your fashion fix or within walking distance from the Milan Duomo. You’ll also get information on getting to and from airports,” said the blog post from Google.