General FAQs about PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) and Its Gameplay

General FAQs about PUBG and Its Gameplay

Playerunknown’s Battleground or PUBG, as the world knows it, has conquered the online gaming landscape since its launch. Released just a year and a half ago, PUBG is on the verge of becoming the next big thing in the gaming world.

The users and PUBG Corp. publishers themselves try every different way to make the game evolve ceaselessly with a stable functionality to the game. While they grow the game on different platforms with fresh updates every now and then, they also make sure that every new or old player remain attached to the fervent user base. Today, we have gathered answers to some frequently asked questions about PUBG to help make the gameplay better and flawless.

Q. Why the Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG is that popular among everyone?

The game is popular since its launch for Microsoft Windows. It is one among the best-selling of all time list with over 50 million copies sold by June 2018. The reason why it is popular is its approach to players of all skill level. No matter how good you are in games, PUBG offers you a wide yet easy gameplay platform, independent of the skillset you carry. What made it more popular is the mobile version launch. The easy and portable access to the game has made it stand-out among, not only battle royale but all other gaming genres.

Q. Why it is known as Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds?

It is a silly name, to be honest, and while Battle Royale games are known for their undeniably good names, “Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds” is a boring name. Brendan Greene, the creative director of PUBG, came with a witty explanation for the name in his interview with Business Insider. He said, “It’s only called PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds because ‘Battlegrounds’ you can’t get a copyright on.” He further added, “You just can’t. So calling it Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds [makes sense] because it was Playerunknown’s Battle Royale before that.”

Q. What Systems Serve PUBG?

It is available on iOS, Android, Xbox, and Windows PC [initial launch]. We might see a PlayStation version in the near future.

Q. How to survive in the game?

PUBG is not about good or bad players, but it’s about survival. As the tech support expert from PUBG said, just find and love bushes as much as you can. Moreover, wherever you land, always spend initial time looting the area. The things you collect are the things that will save you. Don’t pass on your loot. So, look for weapons not action in the initial time and love the bushes, that’s the key factor.

Q. Why some players are headless in Xbox?

The Xbox game is still full of heavy bugs. We suggest you try some other platform and mostly recommend a Windows PC version because that’s where it all started and that’s where it is all good.

Q. Are the new tools better or the old ones?

PUBG engineers always keep working on gameplay. New content is one thing but old tools have eventually become better over time. So, check out the old ones for better chances of survival.

Q. What is the Red Zone?

Making the game more challenging, the red zone is a type of danger zone that appears after a while on the map, where players get hit by bombs. You can avoid the damage by being in a building in the red zone or staying outside of the red zone.

Q. What’s a Chicken Dinner?

It is a reward for surviving as the last player of the player. “Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner” was a phrase earlier used by gamblers in casinos. PUBG has taken the phrase to reward the winners with this phrase flashing on the screen.

Q. Is there a text chat mode in the game?

No. There is no text chat mode.

Q. What are the numbers under the health bar?

These are

a) your username,

b) the game update version you are using, and

c) your server code, to report server lags etc. in game forums.

It has nothing to do with gameplay though.

We will be updating and covering all new questions about PUBG and other popular games in future too.