fix ac3 audio format not supported in MX player

MX player is one of the most popular and well-known videos and music player in the Google play store. It has over 100 million downloads in play store and is most common in every user mobile devices, laptops, computers or tablets. But, due to some licensing issues, MX player has removed some of its codec like AC3, DTS, MLP, therefore some of the users are still facing issues like AC3 audio format is not supporting in MX player. There are most of the people who are finding this error while using MX player with the free streaming application such as Terrarium TV. They will try playing a movie or TC show within the application and they found that video plays, but there is no sound in that video. This issue does not occur with all types of videos, but only with that using AC3 format.

The most common reason why this error occurs is that MX player does not support AC3 audio in the codec which comes installed with the application. Basically, the codec is the computer program which compresses and decompresses the digital audio for a specific audio file.

If you think that you will now need to uninstall the MX player and go for its alternatives, do not worry..!! As the support for many codec files has now been diminished. You need not have to uninstall your MX player from your mobile devices or computers or laptop because we have found the solution to fix it well.

As said above, whenever you receive some kind of codec file related issue in the MX player application that means the codec file requires to playback the file is not available in the MX player application. All you need to do is to download the codec file which the application needs in order to playback the file in normal mode.

To fix AC3 format not supported in MX player, you just have to simply follow the simple basic steps given below:

Step 1- To know about which custom codec or ac3 audio codec supports to your android devices, you will have to open your MX player app in your smartphone device.

Step 2- Now, you have to click on the menu key on the top right side, then click on the Setting option and then again click on Decoder. Now scroll down to the bottom and here you can view Custom codec option that will suggest you the appropriate version of custom codec or ac3 audio codec for your android device.

Step 3- Now, as you come to know which custom codec or does ac3 audio codec will support to your device, you just have to download it and put it to the internal memory of your device without any folder (This clearly means that ROOT of the internal memory).

Step 4- Now, you are required to download the custom codec or ac3 audio codec which your device supports, and it could be either 1.8 or 1.86 version that completely depends upon your MX player version.

Step 5- Now, after successful download, put that .zip file into the internal memory and finally it is done. Now you can play the videos with AC3 format in MX player application.

Having downloaded the suitable codec or ac3 audio codec, what you just need to do is to add it into your MX player. For this, there are two methods two add the code into your MX player given below:

Method 1- Move the downloaded Zip file format to the internal memory

  • First, check whether the downloaded zip file contains the custom codec in the internal memory or not. If not, then you would have better move it into your internal memory which is highly recommended to the users.
  • Now, open your MX player app
  • The MX player app will automatically detect the code in the background and will check whether the compatible codec is found or not.
  • Now, you must press OK and restart the MX player app.
  • If you want to check where your custom codec is loaded properly or not, then just open the MX player app and head over to Menu>Help>About.

Method 2- For custom codec, choose the correct path

  • Open the MX player app and head it over to Menu> Setting> Decoder.
  • Now, scroll down to find the custom codec and click on it. You will find the selection pop-up appearing on your screen.
  • Now, you have chosen the correct path of your custom codec that you have downloaded.
  • Having got to your new codec, the MX player app will automatically restart itself, now just press Ok to allow.


It is always very irritating when you play the videos but there is no sound and MX player being a reputed video player since decades, you always expect to play smooth and effective videos in it, right?. Now, having brief guidance on how to fix AC3 audio problem in MX player, you can play the movies or any other videos without facing any difficulty or nasty issue. Hope this article helps you in such problem-solving issues.

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