When it comes to smartwatch dominance, there come two names that are quite popular i.e. Fitbit and Apple and picking one of the best among the two is quite difficult. Back in the day, there were fitness trackers and there were the smartwatches, but as the time flews faster, the lines have blurred. Now, most of the best fitness trackers are decent smartwatches and most of the smartwatches are decent fitness trackers in 2019 for the users. 

This could not be truer than the Apple Watch, which is one of the first and best fitness trackers second. There are some of the basics of both the watches that users may get either way. With either of the smartwatches, you will get activity step counter, calorie burn, notification mirroring quick replies. Therefore, the users will be able to customize the watch face on both the watches, with an assortment of third-party options available for download.

Now, let us consider the basics difference between the Fitbit Ionic vs Apple Watch: which smartwatch is right for you? This will clear out the difference between both of them and users can buy any of them that suits the users better as:

Design & Durability

The two of the smartwatches share a similar type of design, interchangeable straps and the selection of metal that finishes and a variety of watch face to customize the look and feel. Now, coming to the different between Fitbit Ionic vs Apple watch, they both are water-resistant up 50meters, so the users can wear both of them in the shower or can use them to track laps in the pool. The Fitbit Ionic is really comfortable to wear, because it is so thin and sits flush on your wrist and because it is so light users can use them easily. On the other hand, Apple watch has swapped the straps out is the breeze and the screen has slimmer bezels than the Ionic watch, so it has the smaller footprints on the wrist. Fitbit Ionic has three different buttons and it is confusing to work out which button does what function.

Smartwatch Feature

While both the mirror notification from your mobile devices, but only the Apple Watch will give you unlimited responses. The Android users can program quick replies on the Versa and but its lack of microphone which means that users can dictate or scribble on the response like you can with the Apple watch. Fitbit Ionic is compatible with the iOS and the Android devices both. The vibrations are quite weak; even at max vibrate, so it’s easy to miss a notification. Not all third-party app notification came through when we were testing. In apple watch, you are tied into the Apple ecosystem; therefore the users can only use this smartwatch with the iPhone and not with the Android platform. It has many more smartwatch features than Fitbit Ionic, like being able to ring your mobile phone or unlock your Mac. Transferring the cards from the digital wallet to the watch for the Apple pay is quite simple.


With the help of Apple Watch vs Fitbit Ionic, the users can sync the songs to each watch while they change it up. The Fitbit ionic watch has the storage capacity of 2.5GB set aside for music, which is around 300 songs, while the Apple Watch has 8GB for the music on LTE model. The Fitbit ionic has syncing music which is the challenge because you need to use the desktop app, and it takes a long time if you transfer lots of songs. The users can even load music that you own and nothing with the DRM protection. On the other hand, the Apple watch has the syncing much easier than the Fitbit ionic because you can do it from your mobile phone itself. But, you have to have the songs in your apple music library and to stream over the LTE is possible through the Apple music as long as you are paid subscriber, or you can listen to Beats1 radio if you have no subscription.

Battery life

Where the Fitbit ionic really shines in its battery life, after five days wearing the Fitbit all day during workouts, but not listening to music, this still had about 10% of battery life remaining. The Apple watch struggles by the comparison, especially if the user is using the battery-intensive features like GPS & LTE. If you are just tracking out the workout, mirroring notification or responding to the texts, then you will get about the full day use before you have to charge it- anything extra is hours.

Future proofreading

Instead of updating the Fitbit ionic with a completely new model for 2019, Fitbit has released the lite version of the watch with cheaper price and a couple of feature missing. The Apple watch has a different story in it, it has released the series in 2018 September with the added health features and slightly larger screen, but still shares lots of same features as the series 3 with the latest watch OS 5 update.


Hope this comparison between Fitbit versa vs apple watch will help out the users to differentiate between both of the best smartwatches before they buy any of them. This will not only help them to get the best one among the two will also help to keep their budget in their pocket and get the best smartwatch in 2019 than ever.