Instagram has finally introduced the direct message feature for desktop or laptop. That means now you can directly message your friends. Earlier this feature was not active, so the users were low on the web Instagram. By, starting this a small percentage of the platform’s users would be able to access their messages from Instagram’s website. It is very useful for businesses, influences and for them who send a lot of direct messages on Instagram. While this also helps to round out the experience of the app across several devices. The rollout of the web today is only a test, according to the company. And so many more features will be coming out in the future.

The direct messaging feature is almost the same on the web browser as on the mobile. You can create new groups or you can send multiple messages at the same time. Or you can start a chat with someone either from the screen or on a profile page. The users can also double-tap to like the message and share photos from the laptop or desktop. Also, the total number of unseen direct messages can be seen on the top of the web page. You can also be able to receive desktop direct message notifications if you enable the notification setting from your settings on your browser. Instagram explains that it’ll “continue to iterate” on this during the test.


When the reporters asked about the prioritizing of Instagram’s web DMs feature over something like an iPad app, the company spokesperson Mark Zuckerberg referred The Verge back to its usual justification and said that DMs on the web help its users “stay in touch with the people you care about.”

Facebook has increasingly placed a focus on messaging over the past year. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says that during the last spring “private messaging, groups, and Stories” were the “three fastest-growing areas of online communication.” Instagram Stories are already available on the web, and with this announcement, Instagram now allows some of its users to access group chats and private messages from the browser, too, which aligns with what Zuckerberg said he and the company would prioritize.

Zuckerberg also says that last year the company plans to eventually allow Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram users to message each other, regardless of the platform they’re using. We haven’t heard how the company plans to pull this feat off, but the browser could potentially play an important role if only to give users even more flexibility about where they have conversations.

This feature is suitable for every Instagram user who receives and sends a lot of messages through the Instagram platform. The business person now can easily build up their business and could be able to increase their business through Instagram’s new feature. This feature will give extended exposure to the one who wanted to grow their business in any field. And this feature will help the influencers to manage their important conversations in Instagram only, they no more need to switch apps for the chat and post.