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Faxing is one of the most efficient yet typical methods mainly used in offices, corporate world, and industries. But handling and managing a fax machine is quite difficult. The rapidly growing era requires an online platform for sending and receiving faxes. Here listed below are five such fax service provider sites that are capable of providing free services. These services are available in various versions and various forms. Some of them have a feature of only sending faxes. The others can be used only to receive them. It is up to the user’s choice and the requirements that they choose wisely before proceeding.


GotFreeFax is one of the most efficient faxing services on the date. It provides users with a number of features as per their requirements. GotFreeFax let it’s users fax three pages’ document with a maximum of two documents every day for free. The service lets you fax directly without any hassle. The website seems a little less organized, but it is proper for official usage. Like any other site, it does not advertise it’s the brand name with the documents. This feature makes it one of the best online services available for free. Upon opening the link, you are directly greeted to the page where you are asked to provide your details like Name and Email address and the fax number with it. Once you have got your documents uploaded, you are asked to hit the send button, and voilà you are done with the faxing. The site doesn’t ask you for any registration and other formalities to be cleared before sending your fax, and so it is the most popular service.


To attach more documents, you need to get the subscription as the limit of the free documents is only two per day. 

The service is one way, and so you cannot receive the fax via the same route. You are allowed only to send faxes and not receive it.

Link: https://www.gotfreefax.com/


Unlike GotFreeFax services, FaxZero has more facilities. It provides it’s users with more amenities as compared to most of the other sites. The best feature that caught the user’s attention is its ‘five’ free fax service. The number of pages in each document is restricted to 4, including the cover page. The best part of this site is, it doesn’t require any sign-ups for your documents to be faxed. The only thing that you are asked is to enter your contact info, the fax number on which you have to fax the documents, and upload the files. The file formats of .doc, .docx and .pdf are the best supported ones. The site is quite organized and lets it’s users scroll through various options. Also, the user’s details are safe as compared to any other sites. 


The most irritating part of the site is its advertisement on the cover page of the fax itself. This is a less standardized format.

The process us although hassle free, yet it does not let you view the fax that you have sent.

The service does not provide an app for the same.

Link: https://faxzero.com/

FaxBetter free

The FaxBetter service is a free fax service that lets you receive fax only. The service is a perfect fit for receiving the fax, but you cannot send a fax using the same number. This provision is not available on this site. The incoming faxes are directed to you through e-mail. You are asked to sign-up using your e-mail address to go through the procedure of receiving faxes. Once you receive a fax, you get a notification on your email regarding the same. You can view your faxes then. It provides a 30-days free trial with a maximum of 50 pages’ usage. The subscription of the site is not much expensive and is a tension-free service. Once subscribed to it, you are provided with an unlimited number of pages to receive a fax, it has high storage capacity and is free from advertisements. It also has an OCR and document search facility.


The biggest con on the site is, it doesn’t let you send faxes.

It needs weekly fax receipts to save your number.

Link: https://www.faxbetter.com

eFax free

The eFax free services give it’s users a platform to receive faxes for free. Once signed up for the service, you can receive up to 150 free fax each month. The service is free of cost for the first 30 days. After that, you have to pay and get a subscription to continue using it. The number of faxes provided for free is comparatively more than most of the other services. The faxes are made available to you via your email address. To view your fax, you’ll require the software. If your fax receiving needs are not high, the 30-days free trial is a good option for you. But to continue using the services, you’ll have to buy a subscription and get yourself upgraded to Fax Plus. 


The price is higher as compared to any other services.

It requires software along with it to view the faxes.

Link: https://www.efax.com


PamFax is a very good site providing services for free fax. Its compatibility with various servers makes it very efficient. It is available for internet explorer, Android, Blackberry 10, MAC OS X, MS Windows, iOS. It provides a total of 3 free pages for you to fax. It is built to support Google Docs, Dropbox, box.net, etc. The users are asked to sign-up for using the free trial of the site, after which they have to pay for the subscription. The charges are fair and are available in form or ¢/page. This feature is a great one to opt to. There are various other subscriptions for you to choose from, PamFax on-demand plan, Professional plan or Basic plan are available for the users with different validity and price ranges. 


Offer choices are limited.

The number of free pages available is very less.

Link: https://www.pamfax.biz/


Above listed were some of the online fax services that could be used. Although all the services are up to the mark, eFax Free has been the most reliable and relevant services. The charges are fair and the service is genuine.