Facebook is again trying to moderate its already awful public comment section. In an attempt to make them more relevant, the social media giant is introducing a comment ranking system.

As regular users of Facebook, we all know how the comment section of public posts carry a pool of bigotry, hatred, irrelevance, and spam. Facebook comments are considered terrible even by the (lowest) standards of the internet. Due to this fact, journalists and experts not only consider Facebook as a bad influence on a wide amount of world population but also question the credibility of the content with uncanny comments.

Facebook seems to be aware of the falling standards of the comments on its public posts as it is introducing a comment ranking system. Soon, the comments made on public posts by either people with many followers or popular Pages will be ranked with an aim to show highest quality and most relevant comments at the top and other low-quality spammy comments at the bottom. The social media company will be using four data metrics to determine comment quality including:

  • Integrity signals: Comments that are against Facebook community standards or that are click-baits or that deliberately provocate will be ranked lower as per the new system.
  • User Surveys: Users will be asked to express their opinions about the type of content they find useful in a comment with user surveys about comments
  • Comment interactions: Comments that are more liked or reacted to or replied to will rank higher.
  • Poster controls: Since bad comments can decrease the credibility of the posted content, Facebook is now offering the comment controls to the original posters so that they can delete or hide bad comments and engage with highly ranked comments to increase the post credibility.

This is not the first or second time Facebook has done something to improve their comment quality. Everything from emoji comment reactions to new visual designs in the comments has been previous attempts to make comment section better, visually or content-wise. There has also been a downvoting experiment in the past to increase the comment quality, that terribly failed.

The problem, however, with the comment section on Facebook runs deeper than the company thinks. Solving that with mere visual tweaks or a ranking algorithm is impossible now since Facebook is far from where it all started. The company’s inability to moderate content on the biggest social media platform has allowed fake news to spread like anything in the past as well as hate speech to increase constantly with time. While the company has been hiring human moderators on a regular basis, it still heavily relies on A.I for the majority of its content moderation. Due to the lack of awareness about the social context, A.I have always failed to catch a fair amount of negativity in the past and is likely to continue doing so.

We are not bidding against Facebook as we hope that the new ranking system helps to some extent but we know that it will go on till the date Facebook brings a site-wide resolution for this deep yet dangerous problem.