Facebook is working on its own operating system. In order to reduce the dependency on the operating system, facebook is taking this step. The OS team of Facebook is being led by the Mark Lucovsky, who is an ex-Microsoft executive, who is co-authoring the Windows NT operating system.

Currently, Facebook is relying on a forked version of the Android to power portal and Oculus devices, and the new OS is to be supposed being developed to replace that. From the earlier times. One of the AR and VR keeps claiming this that it is possible in the future that facebook hardware does not have to rely on Google’s hardware; they will create their own hardware. 

The development could also be prompted by the situation that Huawei has found itself in and after the US Department of commerce placed by the company. The company placed on its entity list barring US companies from doing the business with Huawei along with the google. So as a result, Kuwait was unable to make the use of google and their services in their smartphones.

Perhaps seeing a similar fate, facebook has been started working on its own operating system to get around the control of Google, which presently has over facebook’s devices. 

 Facebook’s head of hardware, Andrew Bosworth, said to the news journalist that, “We really want to make sure the next generation has space for us. We don’t think we can trust the marketplace or competitors to ensure that’s the case. And so we’re gonna do it ourselves,”

Facebook is also reportedly working on its own silicon, along with its own operating system. They corroborate previous reports from Bloomberg and the financial times earlier this year on which facebook is working on.

They are working on the chip to power its hardware, and also, they are working on its own assistant. Along with all these, Facebook is also working on its pair of AR glasses along with the brain control interface to go with this. The project names ‘Orion’ could come as early as 2023. 

This is not the first time that Facebook has attempted to make their own OS, however. In 2013, facebook was collaborated with HTC to make a Facebook, which is powered by smartphones running a forked version of the Android with facebook applications in the forefront. 

With the recent developments according to privacy and data protection that facebook still faces an uphill battle to get back into the good books of people before asking them to embrace its own software.

According to the recent developments which are regarding privacy and data protection, Facebook is still facing an uphill battle to get back into the good books of people before asking them the embraces its own software. 

Despite the recent privacy scandals and misleading of the user data and the potential federal injunctions looming into the distances, facebook seems to be going full steam ahead with its ambitions. According to a recent report by the information, the company is working on the development of its own operating system to reduce the dependency on google’s Android. 

“The focus of this work is on what’s needed for augmented-reality glasses. We’re looking at all options right now, which include partnering with other companies and building a custom OS designed for AR,” the spokesperson said.

Google and Apple are the world’s most favored mobile operating systems for so many years; Facebook has been searching for options to reduce its dependence on rivals.

In the past, the company developed prototypes of a custom that is OS for Home at one point, but later on, they decided to use Android. Facebook also had so many failed attempts in developing a software layer to operate on HTC’s handset and build its own mobile phone.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg believes that AR glasses might replace mobile phones, which is being the primary way of connecting consumers online.