Memes are the integral parts of the social media and here the Facebook did not miss a chance to let its users miss out on the creativity. Social media king Facebook has launched a meme making app which is known as ‘Whale’ on the Canadian App Store which is expected to come in the Indian markets. Not only this but also the app listings officially confirmed that the app has been designed by Facebook’s New Product Experimentation which is also known as NPE team that was set up earlier this year for developing all-new experimental apps for the social media platform that consist more than 2.6 billion users all across the world. A Facebook spokesman mentioned that the applications are developed for helping the company in discovering new features as well as services which users like. Having said that the Whale app is currently on its testing phase and the app will be allowing its users in uploading images as well as pictures. Not only this but the users can also be able to add from a stock library and then include various effects just before uploading the meme on the social media or in the message threads from the app. The app is also featured with an option through which one can save the memes to the camera roll. The users will also be able to choose blank, 2 grid, 3 grid as well as 4 grid canvas layouts. Apart from this, there is also a drawing tool for users who have artistic skills. All these things will make this app more interesting.

The social media giant is also planning to launch apps in different genres beyond chats to attracts more users and open the gateway to make more money. As per the reports, Facebook announced the NPE team in the month of June 2019 saying, “we decided to use this separate brand name to help set the appropriate expectations with users that NPE Team apps will change very rapidly and will shut down if we learn that they are not useful to people.” 

The app is planning to grab the attention of the youngsters which is something the social media giant has been concerned with due to TikTok’s success. TikTok has become one of the popular sources of memes and it has added over 500 million users and it is on its way to having 1.5 billion users. To this Mark Zuckerberg has raised his voice over the app’s censorship. This is the third app which has been developed by the Facebook NPE team after Aux and Bump. Bump is specifically a chat-based app which focuses on the conversations. On the other hand, Aux is social media music listening app. Both of these apps were launched at the beginning of this month. As per the description of the app, you do not have to pay any sort of subscription fee and you just have to explore your creativity. Now if the app gets success in running the app in Canada, then it will be available in Google PlayStore for Android phones as well.