Facebook Hit by its Biggest Security Breach: Admits Data of 30 Million Users Stolen


Almost 30 million Facebook users’ emails and phone numbers were yesterday stolen in a hacking attack which is being quoted as ‘the biggest security breach in the company’s history.’ Facebook admitted here on Friday that 50 million users are hit by a hacking attack, which they later downgraded to 30 million. According to Facebook, 14 million users are compromised for more than just email and phone numbers. Hackers have stolen information about the area they live in, their relationship status, their religion, their search history on Facebook. The American intelligence agency FBI is right behind the scene and told Facebook not to discuss anything about who might or might not be behind this attack.

According to the report, only 1 million among the hacked 30 million accounts were lucky enough not to have any of their information stolen. The company has already started sending customized messages to the 30 million affected accounts explaining what went down. The message will also suggest how they can make their account more secure for the future. The only concern lying behind all this really dark cloud is that whether Messenger, Messenger Kids, WhatsApp, Instagram, payments, Oculus, Workplace, Pages, advertising, developer accounts, or third-party apps accessed by Facebook are affected by this attack or not.

Facebook is avoiding releasing any country-specific data and has only stated that the company is taking the issue very seriously and is working with FBI and other agencies to get to the underlying truth about the attack.

“We have been working around the clock to investigate the security issue we discovered and fixed two weeks ago so we can help people understand what information the attackers may have accessed, wrote Facebook’s VP of product management, Guy Rosen, in a blog post on Friday.

“Hackers have some sort of a goal,” said the chief executive of the cybersecurity company Area 1 Security and a former National Security Agency official Oren J. Falkowitz. “It’s not that their motivation is to attack Facebook, but to use Facebook as a lily pad to conduct other attacks.”

While the company has been dealing with serious concerns about its security, this biggest security breach in Facebook’s history is not going to do any good whatsoever for Mark Zuckerberg and team. Former Facebook employees including Brian Acton, co-founder of WhatsApp have also criticized the company’s security system and have urged users to delete their Facebook accounts.

How to Know What If You Are Among the Affected Ones

Facebook has updated its Help Centre documentation and users can use this link to know whether any of their data has been stolen or not.

Notably, Facebook took down hundreds of accounts a couple of days ago related to spreading political disinformation. The step was taken to stop what happened in 2016 elections when Russian agents used Facebook to influence the US elections.