We have known for long periods of time that Facebook is working on getting a dark mode in its mobile app. They have already been tests that indicated some people boosted early access to the option. Now dark mode is released to a large number of users.

If you’re exhausted from being overwhelmed by your phone when you search Facebook at night, this will be a charming addition to the social networking app.

Many social sites have already commenced indicating signs of dark mode for mobile addicts. But on the web, people are able to turn to a browser expansion to gain darker colors. Pursuing on from experiments with small organizations of users, the company is now testing its authorized dark mode with more people.

Researchers say it’s received numerous statements from people about being able to access dark mode, but it does appear that there is nonetheless work to be done. And with Facebook continuing tight-lipped about its intended schedule, we can only speculate about when there will be a full-scale rollout.

Unfinished feature

At the instant, it still seems that dark is very vastly a work in progress. People who have been fortunate enough to gain permits to the feature report that it appears to be unfinished. It appears with the app switching between dark and normal modes in either different sections, or just at random. After Instagram and WhatsApp recently rolled out dark modes to their apps.

The announcement says that while a user on Reddit attained the dark mode on their Facebook app and the feature finally disappeared for them. Some other users on Twitter also said they obtained the feature but didn’t mention if it hung around for them or not.

Facebook has been checking the dark mode for months now, but identical to WhatsApp it’s taking its time to roll out the feature in the permanent version of the app.

Notably, however, the Facebook dark mode also commenced to show up for some Android users in November last year. Identical to how it’s published now, the dark mode seemed in the Facebook android app briefly but disappeared after some time.

Additionally, in August last year, app researcher Jane Manchun Wong first sighted the Facebook app for Android with dark mode. Wong also twittered an image interpreting how this dark mode would look like. While there aren’t any announcements as yet, but the dark UI should be accessible on iOS soon after or actually before the Android release.

A new report indicates that Facebook will soon roll out the feature on its Android app as well. The social media demon has rolled out an update to limited users who are nowadays testing the dark mode on Facebook. Facebook’s family of apps comprise Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger. While Messenger, Instagram and now even WhatsApp support the dark theme, users have been long-waiting to receive the dark mode on the Facebook app.

Some report encompasses screenshots of the dark UI, which indicates that the Facebook app would offer a slightly dark-grey interface for dark mode, instead of the expected pitch-black color.It is nowadays hidden when Facebook will roll out a stable version of the dark mode on its Android app. While the company has been dabbling with the feature for a while, the tests appear to have picked up stride as of late. WhatsApp Beta users also their sense of dark mode this week.

As Instagram and WhatsApp both demonstrate their dark modes to users, Facebook Inc. has finally to bring the hotly-anticipated feature to its flagship app — and the one it investments a name with. Thus, while progress on the app may be coming along nicely, it’s still a ways away from fulfillment and, for now, the only way to access Facebook at night without temporarily overwhelming yourself may be the social network’s redesigned website.