How is everyone is suddenly looking 30 years older overnight? Social media is full of all the celebrities and your friends doing the #AgeChallenge. This new challenge makes you look really old. If you have a smartphone and want to try it yourself then just stay with us till the end of this article. In this piece, we will clarify all your doubts regarding what is this challenge, how you can do it and is there a danger to your privacy.

What is #AgeChallenge?

Popular among all social media platforms nowadays, the #AgeChallenge refers to a post of your aged selfie. To make your face look old, you can use an app called FaceApp, which is available for both Android as well as iOS users

The app uses AI to figure out how you will age. It shows immediate effects by wrinkling your forehead, adding loose skin around your skin, and putting bags under your eyes. If you are a male, it will also show some grey beard around your face. While it works pretty good overall, it usually doesn’t alter or put a grey shade on your hair. Apart from that, it depends on your selfie how you want to age. A smiling selfie will give you deep smile lines while a straight face will turn you into an angry old person.

Privacy Concerns Related to the FaceApp

Now before you learn how to use this app, we want to clarify the buzz going around FaceApp’s privacy concerns. Some people on social media and journalists claim that FaceApp’s license gives them the authority to use your photos anywhere else once you upload them to the company servers. 

As far as the company license is concerned, yes, it takes the authority to use your photos with your consent. 

However, as far as security researchers are concerned, FaceApp does not take your photos and transfer them to FaceApp’s headquarters in Russia for improper use. Security researchers found that the app only takes your uploaded original photos to the company’s servers for creating an aged version of you. There is no malicious activity found in the process.

How To Do the #AgeChallenge 

Let’s start with the process of getting your 30 years older.

  1. Download the FaceApp on your Android or iPhone.
  2. You will get the option of either uploading a photo from your gallery or to click a new one using the device camera (front or back anyone). The app will ask for the camera and storage permissions. Remember you can turn these permissions anytime from device settings. 
  3. After selecting the picture scroll right and tap on Age. 
  4. You will have four options including Original, Young, Young 2, and Old. Select the last one and see yourself age instantly. You can also use the Young and Young 2 options to see yourself with slightly smooth, baby skin. 
  5. Tap Apply. In case you want the original picture and the Old one side by side, tap on Layouts, select Duo, and tap on the Old icon. 
  6. To share your older version on social media, tap the down arrow located on the top right corner of the FaceApp. 
  7. You can select preferred social media platform including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or others to share the old you with your friends. Use #AgeChallenge and you are officially among the million others in this challenge.