Everything you should know about gameband for minecraft

Gameband+Minecraft is the first wearable and the functional Minecraft accessory that will let you take your Minecraft world with you wherever you would like to go on your computer. This was developed by the Now Computing a company which is based both in Barcelona and the USA. They basically have strived to make attractive, the wearable device for games everywhere. While Gameband+Minecraft is their first and foremost product, so they have planned it to create more products features which can perform the same function for dedicated gamers, thus backing up and saving their game data, settings and many more wearable wrist devices. This device also has the USB connection which you can use for accessing the devices into their internal memory. You can either open the Gameband software to play Minecraft or you can use the drive to store personal files also.

This device has also been available with the MLC multi-cell memory chip for the long-lasting experience and the LED screen to display time, date, and custom made animations with the pixel furnace software. If you are in the mod for Minecraft Gameband watch and you move from one machine to another machine on a regular basis, then this game will be the perfect match to your requirements. In addition to being sent to none other than Larry Hyrb, you will be able to see this piece of equipment appearing in the stores all across the United States immediately if not very soon. This piece of equipment is essentially a kind of bracelet with the ability to plug into your laptop or the tablet or even desktop machine USB 3.0 port and back up your Minecraft game band review automatically.

On the other side, you might find the 140 arrays LED display in red color and inside that, you will have 1 battery attached to it with 11mAh, regardless of its small size, the battery will last about 20 days or better without any problem.

How to use Minecraft Gameband properly?

Everything you should know about gameband for minecraft

Do you have an idea about how to use Minecraft Gameband? The Minecraft Launcher comes with the preloaded onto the Gameband device, so there is no installation needed. If plugging in your Gameband Minecraft need not automatically open the root folder, and then you may need to access it like the USB device. If you want to open the Gameband Diamond and run Minecraft, then you should follow the given steps as:

  1. Open the “My computer” folder
  2. Now, select the Gameband for your drives
  3. Finally, click on the Gameband application

The Gameband name and the icon are fairly obvious on the windows and the Mac system, so if you are planning to run this game in Linux, then the application file is called Gameband_Linux.bat and this can be run by just double-clicking it in the File manager and then choosing a Run option from that. Once it begins running, then the Gameband Diamond application will begin the Minecraft launcher for you. Now, you need not have to access the Minecraft folder on your Gameband Minecraft gifs, unless you plan on installing mods, resource packs or copying the worlds over to the Gameband.

Wearables are cool for kids

Everything you should know about gameband for minecraft

This was the statement that was given by now computingwe want to make our product comfortable and easy to use”. It would have been quite an easy way, engineering-wise to do something more normal but we want to make it cooler, appealing and something which can add more stuff and value to our customers.

By using this Minecraft Gameband diamond, users can also customize what actually appears on the wristband’s LED display. This can also show the time and date, the amount of storage space on the device and you can even scroll the text messages or the animation all across the screen. A bit of specialized software which is named as Pixel Furnace will let the users upload their own images to use. Importantly, for the product aimed at kids, it is fully splash proof and if something worst happens then it goes on missing then the organization promises to ship the discounted replacement within 24 hrs with the data from the last backup preloaded by the users.

How to customize your Gameband with the PixelFurnance?

Everything you should know about gameband for minecraft

PixelFurnance is the application which also you to customize your Gameband Minecraft device with the downloadable images and the animations available over there. By this way, you can stick with the preloaded animation, time and date setting or can help to upload other images and animations. You can ever make your own to access the pixel furnace application, you are required to follow the given step for Minecraft Gameband setup as:

  • Open my computer folder
  • Now, select the Gameband for your type of device
  • Finally, click on the Pixel furnace application button

You can also enable or disable the time and date animation, add scrolling text, personalized animations, and many more things. The users can also upload and download the animation from using this Pixelfurance application for the ultimate experiment with customization.


This Minecraft Gameband diamond is definitely made for the huge Minecraft children’s audience that will help them to play and enjoy with this gaming band with their friends and even alone. This Gameband watch will help children’s to play the world’s game and would enjoy their holidays.