The world of digital marketing is ever-changing landscape especially in terms of SEO. Most of the experienced digital marketing agencies come to know as soon as any sort of new update comes in the ground. So in the competition of coming with the high quality and needful content to the readers, search engines, specifically Google constantly start refining new and fresh algorithms. Now let us have a look to know about this and its implications on the SEO practices for the digital marketing agencies.

Google BERT

Now, what is BERT? BERT is known as a shift towards trying to understand the readers and their queries in a clear as well as in a better way. BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. As per Google, this is the prominent algorithm which can-do positive impact on the world. Not only this but also the function of BERT is equivalent to Rank Brain. Google BERT basically focus on the type of natural as well as conversational language which generally most of the Google users search on the internet rather than just typing a few keywords. In short and simple words, BERT will be affecting every 1 in 10 search results. Google has tried to adjust its algorithm for understanding natural language processing. Now to Google has recently announced that it has been up with a new update in BERT. To give you an idea on how important the update this is, it is specifically bigger than RankBrain. It plays a huge role in providing a positive impact on your site.

As per the release, Google states that it will be affecting 10% queries that means the way of understanding of Google is better and minute as a human being understands. With this Google mean to say s Google is paying more attention to the search context as well as each word. The technology related to this latest update is a neural network-based technique which is used for natural language processing also known as NLP. The Google BERT was released officially on October 25 of this year but since its arrival, it’s coming with new update almost every single day. The company has talked about its update last year as well as the open sources the code for its practical implementation as well as pre-trained models. One of the most recent as well as advanced development in the field of machine learning field is transformers. This particular technique includes letting the systems to correctly understand the particular context as well as orders in which a specific word appears.

BERT functioning in SEO strategy

We all know that there are generally three types of searches which people usually make while running a browser:

  • Navigational
  • Informational
  • Transactional

Firstly, the informational query is like a person who is willing to lose weight, but he or she is not sure about how to search it in Google. And when they start performing the search, they will be getting lots of solutions such as different diets. On the other hand, the navigational query includes a particular term such as Keto Diet.

So here we are getting to see that BERT is actually refining the searches based on a certain term or phrase related to the informational keywords. Now if you are one who not only wants to maintain the ranking but also competes with the topmost rankers on specific content. Then BERT is the one-stop solution for you. Basically, when you start writing content, one of the easiest ways to rank is providing the informational keywords. Here SEO asks you to write long and insightful content. Yes, you got it right, in searches most of the times you have seen a long-form of content to rank first in Google. Having said that, their algorithm does not focus on the total number of words but the quality of content.

Apart from that, you should also focus on the keyword density and here is where most of the contents fail to rank. As we have mentioned above, it is related to creating the good quality content. This means it is not at all important to write a long page of content with the word count of more than 5000 about 50 different thing. But its all about answers to those questions of the readers which they ask for.

Now if you want to perform well in terms of ranking the informational keywords, you have to perform very specific and start by answering the question even better than your competitors. Starting from images to audios, put everything that you feel it is necessary. Google says it gets billions of searches per day and the BERT update will be affecting specifically based on the quality of content which we feel is good. This is because this update is more focused on the context-based search and one need not have to worry about getting penalized. Rather it would help every digital marketer to perform better.