There used to be a time when teenagers were stuck to your laptops or computer systems for hours and hours to play their favorite games. Now those big screens have turned into portable smaller ones. You guessed it right, their android smartphones. But the downfall of having android devices is that not all video games or windows games can run on them.

One such game was GTA San Andreas. Did the name bring back nostalgia? Do you miss it??

Well, the good news is that you can now download GTA San Andreas apk on your android devices as well and play the game like old times.

GTA San Andreas is one of the most popular action game which has caught the eye of a wide audience for years now and is now has come in android recently with upgraded graphics and a lot of added features like added city space, vehicles, arsenal and many more while keeping the original content intact.

But you must be thinking how a game which was used to be mainly controlled by keyboard and mouse would function on touch screen devices, how are they replaced. Well, the developers, Rock Star Mobile games,  have combatted it by adding a number of touch controls like swipe, and other on-screen tap buttons. Another auto-target is added to shoot.

We can assure you that the apk version has absolutely no shortcomings from the desktop version. The controls are easy to understand, however, you might take some time to get used to those.

To feel the same the way you used to a few years back while playing the game, you to download and install the game. The game is available on Google Play Store but it is paid. If you do not want to go through the trouble of collecting money, get the MOD version of the same.  You can get the game for free from our site. We are giving you the link as well as the download guide to install GTA San Andreas MOD apk on your device that will run smoothly. Continue reading below.


Before directly jumping to the download guide, let us have a look at the new upgraded features along with old ones.


If the touch controls do not soothe you enough, we are happy to tell you that the game is compatible with multiple USB and Bluetooth gamepads along with MoGa wireless game controllers. Developers have been extremely serious for the apk version.


With the launch of the game for android, the developers made sure to go all in and improved the graphics to a higher extent. The differences are distinctly visible.


To avoid the loss of your progress in any game due to any app crashes, the game allows you to save your game such that a game started in one device can be completed in another device.


There are very few games that offer multiple languages. GTA San Andreas mod apk makes an exception allowing 7 different languages for the game to be played in.


The game lets you manage the quality of visuals your system can support without being lagged. The configuration of your smartphone device plays an important role in it.


To counter the traditional use of keyboard and mouse in a desktop system, the game holds multiple touch controls along with the ability to connect external gamepads so that you have the best gaming experience.


There are multiple versions of the game to download online but the best one is GTA San Andreas Mod Apk that does not need any root for downloading. The procedure to download the game simple and easy but not straight. Hence, follow steps we have mentioned below to not get lost in the way.

  1. A link is given below, click on it to download the apk and make sure to store in your device’s storage.

Download GTA San Andreas Apk OBB

  1. You have to cut off any net service to install the game so turn off the wifi or data of your device.
  2. Search your downloads and install the app from there.
  3. You shall have an OBB zip file of the game in your downloads folder.
  4. You need to extract that file into sd card/android/obb. To extract the file using any zip extractor online or from the Google Play store.
  5. Create an obb file in /sd card/android/data if in case you do not find the same.
  6. The game is now installed and ready to be played. You can open the app from your device’s app.




The game revolves around a cool storyline with the protagonist, Carl Johnson, the gamer, having a toll on the roads of San Andreas which is already scandalous because of corruption, drugs, and gangsters to protect his family and gain control over the city.

Along his way, he has to complete the missions he gets handed over by whatever means which includes robbery, murders.

In comparison to the original version, the graphics have had serious improvements involving the high precision details. On the other hand, taking about the controls, you might take some time to adapt them from keyboard or mouse. However, you have an option of external gamepad support which is helpful. The game becomes all the way better when you receive unlimited money with the mod version.  GTA San Andreas mod apk surely adds meaning to the GTA series.


Now that you know everything about the GTA San Andreas Mod apk, we hope that you do not have any concerns about the game delivering the same level of enthusiasm and adventure as the desktop version did. We promise you that you would have the time of your life and relive your old memories even in a better way with all the upgraded and added features that too for free of cost. Go and save Carl’s family now!