dollarbird app

When it comes to budgeting it’s not enough to have a one-track mind and hence a one track application is also not exactly a good option. Keeping track of all the expenses along with those numerous investments and returns, one exhausts equal energy in saving as they do in earning or even more at times.  Dollarbird gives budgeting an overall outlook. It gives you a complete perspective on where you stand now and where you’ll be standing in the future, financially. It has really all the features you need to discover your spending habits, adjust them according to your future plans and see how your balance evolves over time.

dollarbird app

Everything You Should Know About Dollorbird Personal Finance Apps of 2018

In an overview, this application is a calendar for budgeting. But along with being a calendar interface, this application displays multiple other useful features which will definitely make your life easy.

It has Expense and income tracking, that can easily add your transactions anytime, anywhere to reduce guesswork later on and simultaneously helps you maintain a budget.

Another mind-blowing tool is the financial planning and automatic balance calculation that adds past or future income or expenses to the calendar, and calculates your balance automatically for each day, month or year. The Bill reminder feature helps you schedule reminders for your rent, loan, electricity bill etc. and hence makes sure you never forget to pay them. It also sets up recurring transactions, like your salary or rent, for easy planning of your cash flow. Also, it has a sleek interface and chart design that helps you see the breakdown of your past and planned expenses by category, your 5-year financial projection and more on a beautiful interface.

dollarbird app

This application is a godsend for all those who are struggling with finances out there. Originally made for salaries or earning adults this application can also be used by teenagers to help them budget their ever-depleting pocket money. Why teenagers would waste money on a budgeting application, you may ask. But my dear friends this application comes to you for 0$ only and doesn’t need you to link your bank account to it either.  Things just keep getting better with this application.

Now you must be waiting to get your hands on this application. Let us make your task even easier. All you have to do is give a tap on any of the links below which will take you to the app store or play store page of this application. IOS users need a 9.0 and above version to use this application where family sharing is also enabled. This application can also be used on IPad and iPod Touch along with the iPhones. On Playstore for the current version of 3.1.1 of this application, you need 4.0 and above Android versions. Follow the links below to download this application immediately.


With a 3.9 rating on Playstore and 4.7 rating on AppStore, this application has an abundance of fans.

The Next web review says “it’s a delight to use.While the TechCrunch says “Dollarbird makes sense for anyone who wants to keep a closer eye on their cash flow for better financial planning purposes.”

Another satisfied user on PlayStore says “I just started using this app after searching online for best-rated budget apps of 2018, Dollar bird was on the list. So far I love it, easy to navigate, overall visual of your spending with a calendar stating how much money you have in each day of the month. I also like the option of setting up recurring payments, color coordination, and daily reminders to add your expenses to the app. Great for visual learners in my opinion! No problems yet with the app so will give it a 5 🌟 rating.”