The California based company, Apple has recently introduced the latest iOS 13 update for the iPhones and it is turning out the that the phones which are running under the iOS 13 are no safer right now. The main reason behind this is because the hackers have now got to know a trick through which they can easily bypass FaceID of Apple for accessing the phone address book. The case is not only limited to this but they can also now easily get to know the recent contact list. But fortunately, not everyone can hack it. This is because, for hacking a particular device, the hacker physically needs to have the iPhone which is operating under iOS 13 and it is impossible o hack it remotely.

One of the interesting facts which we have found in a recent report where they have claimed that Apple had already come to know about this particular vulnerability back in July. But the company did not take any serious step regarding this matter. Rose Rodrigues who is a cybersecurity enthusiast had approached to the California based company along with “passcode bypass” which can easily bypass Apple’s FaceID. He had asked the brand whether this “passcode bypass”  discovery would make him eligible for the Apple Security Bounty.

The researchers who work for Apple got in in touch with instantly and he had explained in details about the proof of the concept behind this vulnerability in the beta release of iOS 13. While Rodriguez was explaining to them about this vulnerablity he was not sure whether the brand would really work on these flaws and further fix them before its official release of iOS 13. After that, he has finally decided to go public along with his “passcode bypass”. Rodriguez also approached to reporters for sharing his conversation along with Apple about this vulnerability.

Soon after the “passcode bypass” was discussed in public and media started reporting about it. Apple finally confirmed that all these vulnerabilities will be fixed in the next release of iOS 13 – iOS 13.1. The brand had earlier decided to launch the update on the end of September. Having said that it did not confirm whether the displaying to passcode bypass in public by Rodriguez was one of the reasons for Apple in bringing the release date if iOS 13.1 before the scheduled date which is September 24.

What’s new with iOS 13.1 as well as iPadOS 13.1 beta 3?

The California based company has slowly been releasing developer betas for iOS 13 as well as iPadOS 13 all throughout the summers. But after knowing about the vulnerability of iOS 13, it has finally released the third developers and public beta for iOS 13.1. It has not made any noticeable changes like the second beta apart from refining the new features which it had already added in its first beta for iOS 13.1.

Apart from this, Apple has even rolled out the gold master version for iOS 13.0. However, this also does not offer any such big updates apart from last-minute bug fixes as well as modifications ahead of its public release on September 19. That will be followed shortly by the public release of iOS  13.1 on September 30.

What’s new with iOS 13.1 as well as iPadOS 13.1 beta 2?

In the second developer beta for iOS 13.1, this version is short in terms of changes. There is no such major changes or tweaks to the software. However, we will be updating once there are any noticeable changes. Having said that let us have a look at what’s new in the iOS 13.1.

What’s new in iOS 131

Various features which were earlier claimed by the company were mission and iOS 13.1  picked up some of the scraps. So let us have a look at what it has served to the people on the beta version so far.

Shortcuts Automations

The biggest upgrade in iOS 13.1 is the Shortcuts feature in iOS. These will te the users use the shortcuts to run quickly when certain things are not met and instead triggering them manually. The users can make their workout playlist play when they start a workout on the Apple Watch or even turn on all the lights after arriving home. Isn’t it amazing?

Dynamic Wallpapers

The designs, as well as the colours of the wallpapers, are dynamic and these have been tweaked and are available on most of the devices.

Share ETA in Maps

When the users are following directions in Maps, the can instantly share their estimated time of arrival along with contacts.

Volume slider icons

The newly introduced volume slider icons of the type of the device connected such as Powerbeats Pro, AirPods as well as HomePod.

Other changes

iOS 13.1 introduces a numerous range of minor tweaks as well as changes which include better iPad mouse support, changes to adding fonts, alpha channel support for HEVC  video and lots more.

How to install the iOS 13.1 beta?

Apple will be beta testing the new release with both the developers as well as the public. The people who have the active develope account can visit  on the particular device which they want to install the iOS or iPadOS beta on and finally install the beta profile.

The pubic beta release follows within one or two days of the Developer Beta. And if you are one who is interested in operating it on your iPhone or iPad, then go to the particular device that you are willing to install the beta on. Just sign in and then agree to all the terms and conditions and finally download the beta profile. Now head over to Settings – General – Profile and then make sure the profile is successfully installed as well as active.

Installing this beta version is similar to updating to any new iOS release. Now head over to Settings – General – Software Update for beginning the download and installation. One of the important points to note here is that iOS betas which often seems interesting often come with bugs, stability problems, poor battery life as well as performance problems. So we would not recommend you to install it on your primary device.

We are hoping that Apple will jump on to iOS 13.1  release six days ahead of its official date of release.