Discovery Virtual Reality Apps for Kids

Discovery VR 9+

Did your mind automatically link it with the informative but boring channel? If yes then you are right but you might want to hold on for a bit as this boring channel just got way cooler than just TV. Ever thought how cool it would be to experience those adventures on discovery life or at least in 3D? Those close calls with the wild close to death exciting adventures? Did your heart rate just increase with only the imagination? Guess what discovery gets you and now is available in the form of a VR app. Discovery VR 9+ While introducing the Application the company mentioned “For more than 30 years. Discovery has told stories like no one else – transporting you to places you didn’t know existed and sparking curiosity at every turn. Now we enter a new chapter. Virtual reality can take you to new worlds like never before, immersing you in time, space and story”

Everything You Should Know About Discovery Virtual Reality Apps

This application is complete discovery channel gold, turning various popular shows into VR experiences. With multiple categories to choose from this app caters to all of your as well as your kid’s interest. There are thrills and adventures, nature and wildlife, travel etc. that will keep a person engaged in this application for hours. It’s easy to use UI comes with multiple features along with riding a 4000 feet roller coaster which is under the thrills and adventure section. Imagine enjoying exhilarating rides in your favorite amusement park without waiting in those annoying long lines. Along with this, a few VR experiences show a pop-up text that will give thorough information about the scene or area being experienced. Along with these a few more features include Saving 360 videos to your playlist, Pick up from where you left off with Continue Watching, Continuous streaming when you finish watching with Up Next, Option to download or stream 360 videos Discovery VR can be viewed as a mobile app by downloading the app and using it with cardboard viewer or moving your device around. Another option of viewing this app is to put the mobile on a mobile headset like a daydream or Gear VR or the best option is using a tethered headset like HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. The links to download this immersive app are given below.


Having read the article if you think this application is only for kids you’re highly mistaken. This application, similar to the discovery channel caters to a wide age group of audience. The genres of the experiences also vary from thrilling, haunted to informative and travel. While some of the selections involve experiences, such as swimming with hundreds of manatees at Three Sisters Springs in Florida or touring the grounds of Pennhurst Asylum, a site known for high paranormal activity, there is also video footage that kids can watch that read more like a TV show and require less interaction. It’s called Discovery Trvlr and it’s a new virtual reality series within the app featuring different destinations and cultures, with one- to two-minute episodes that can be watched either with or without the headset. With a 3.4 rating on play store similar, almost the same response with iTunes the users of this app do seems to be quite happy with it. A user on iTunes says “App is too good, please upload more videos, it gives me the real feel..” while a play store user says “It worked fine with ProHT Virtual Reality Set. Loved the Shark Week Footage”. But after reading so much about the application im sure youre dying to use it yourself. Please don’t let us stop you as you get lost in discovering the VR world of Discovery.